Facebook to force users into Messenger

7 June 2016
Facebook to force users into Messenger

Remember when Facebook tried to force everyone to use their Messenger app, stopping them from picking up inbox correspondence on the normal, catch-all Facebook app?

Well, those who resisted found that they could use Facebook in their browser and access their messages in there.

Not for long though, as Facebook are going to force anyone who wants to see their inbox to download the Messenger app again.

Users of the social network on Android are seeing messages which is telling them that they need to download the app, even when they're using the browser version.

Facebook said: "Using the Messenger app is faster and enables richer interactions."

"We're continuing to bring the best experiences we can to the 900 million people on Messenger."

Seems like they forgot to add: 'Whether you like it or not.'

Either way, Facebook want access to as many people, and as many ways as possible. Shunting people toward the Messenger app is one way of doing it. Of course, they're developing artificial intelligence too, so that you can talk to brands as talkative robots too.

If this Messenger news irritates you, you can just stop using your Facebook account. You'd be surprised at how easy it is to function without it, given the other options available online.

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