Facebook to expand their creepy facial recognition database

30 August 2013

A face.
A face that might need recognising

Facebook is looking at expanding their facial recognition database by incorporating the majority of its members' profile pictures, pawing over loads of images of strangers like they're that creep from the film Sliver.

More than a billion faces would be added to the program, which Facebook are saying will improve the social network's 'Tag Suggest' feature. Why people can't be trusted to manually do it themselves is not clear.

Facebook Chief Privacy Officer said: "Our goal is to facilitate tagging so that people know when there are photos of them on our service."

Of course, you can opt-out of this service, but knowing Facebook, they'll make it awkward and difficult to do.

While this doesn't currently affect European customers, Facebook have admitted that they'll use  the technology more freely in the future. Facebook's privacy officer continued: "Can I say that we will never use facial recognition technology for any other purposes? Absolutely not... if we decided to use it in different ways we will continue to provide people transparency about that and we will continue to provide control."

The changed wording of the new privacy permissions implies that you've already agreed to let Facebook use your face: "You give us permission to use your name, and profile picture, content, and information in connection with commercial, sponsored, or related content (such as a brand you like) served or enhanced by us."

The worst thing about all this is the amount of conspiracy theorists on FB, cutting and pasting messages aimed at Facebook about their privacy.

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  • Thicko
    Is that a picture of Dean Gaffney? RIP
  • Noghar
    "Of course, you can opt-out of this service..." No, you can opt out of the service. You only need a hyphen if it's a noun or adjective, e.g.: 'Facebook does not give users an opt-out', or 'There should be an opt-out clause.' This mistake is every where these days. 'Log-in to our website,' instead of 'Log in to our website,' etc. I despair. In fact I think I'll go and kill myself. Except I can't because I clearly don't have a life.
  • Phuck M.
    I love a good facial.

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