Facebook to execute Candy Crush invites! HURRAY!

facebook mobile One of the most infuriating things about Facebook, is those arseholes you know who send out blanket invitations and requests for Candy Crush. Auntie Viv never understood why you were always playing computer games when you were little, but now she's into Candy Crush, she's hooked and mithering you about it.

Well, Mark Zuckerberg announced at a boring Q&A session, that his developers are working on a way of getting rid of this social media pest.

In a talk at the the Indian Institute of Technology, the question was posed: "I don’t want any more invitations to Candy Crush. How can I stop it?", which was met with loud cheering from the audience.

"This is where these Town Hall Q&As are really useful because I actually saw this question, that it was the top voted question on my thread," Zuckerberg said. "So I sent a message to the person who runs the team in charge of our developer platform and I said by the time I do this Town Hall Q&A, I think it would be good if we had a solution to this problem."

"We hadn't prioritised shutting that down because we just had other priorities but if this is the top thing that people care about then we’ll prioritise that and we’ll do it."

Of course, you can block all Candy Crush requests yourself through your Settings on Facebook and, indeed, stop certain people from sending you invites of any description (if they're serial offenders). When you get an invite, or see something annoying on your wall, use the drop-down arrows on each post to get them banned completely.

If you want to listen to Zuckerberg talk about things, the video is here.

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  • George
    I would like apply for job at Facebook to execute Candy Crush invites. I am hard working and nearly have UK work visa. My mobile is [number removed].

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