Facebook to decide what you see and money service

14 April 2014

facebook mobile Facebook changed their algorithms so that your feed was filled with stuff that was, in effect, cherry-picked by the company. Small businesses soon started to complain that their posts weren't being seen, while Buzzfeed and Upworthy links because pretty much swamped everyone's timelines.

In essence, Facebook was deciding what users saw and it got annoying very, very quickly. And now, the social media company have announced that they're going to be tinkering with the system again, this time, trying to remove spam stories and articles that are clickbaiting to get more likes.

Any users tying to bait people into likes, comments or shares will barred from using the site. Overly shared stories will dealt with by Facebook's "de-emphasizing" these pages on feeds. Pages that trick users into visiting an advertisement website will also be under scrutiny.

According to the company, they think that this will enhance a users' experience as well as help to promote a more open Internet. A more open internet, in Facebook's eyes, is deciding what users can and can't see.

It seems the only way to circumnavigate these publishing problems is to buy a load of advertising with Facebook... and even then, there's the small matter of accusations of Facebook's dodgy use of clickfarms, which are nigh-on useless to those paying for increased exposure. If you're not a business on FB, and just a regular Joe who wants to look at pictures of attractive people from your year at school, you can whistle.

On top of all that, and some privacy tweaks, Facebook are preparing a money transfer system, aiming to compete with Paypal. It has been reported that discussions have been held with money transfer providers, TransferWise, Moni Technologies and Azimo. They're looking at the developing world, where some people don't have bank accounts, and sensing a goldrush.

Would you trust Facebook with your money?

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