Facebook to allow nicknames again?

Bitterwallet - Facebook Facebook, for some reason, decided to say that people who used nicknames, or names they performed or wrote under, weren't allowed. If you wanted to go by your stage name, set up a fan page. If you've been using a nickname and someone has hit the button where they say you're using a nickname, then they make you send a copy of your birth certificate or passport in to prove your government name.

Failure to comply, and they suspend your account. This has been a problem for those who are trying to avoid abusive exes, people who are transitioning and, most alarmingly, Facebook seem to have been going after anyone who doesn't have an English sounding name.

This has seen a lot of protests, and indeed, courts have gone after Facebook saying that they're infringing people's rights.

Well, after a load of faff, it looks like Facebook are going to lose their ‘real names’ policy. At least, that's what they're saying, not that anyone really trusts them these days.

Facebook are going to allow users to 'provide more information about their circumstances' and 'give additional details or context on their unique situation'. Facebook’s Alex Schultz says: "It will help us better understand the reasons why people can’t currently confirm their name, informing potential changes we make in the future."

We'll see what they actually ask for, when they get around to doing this. We suspect there's going to be more protests about all this yet.

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  • Warwick H.
    My account was suspended and I was forced to send a copy of either my passport or driving licence to have it reactivated

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