Facebook stamps? Defacing important memos? Like.

14 March 2011

Bitterwallet - Facebook stamps Like Dislike

Facebook has reduced society to judging on online commentary of friends with a Emperor-style thumbs up and single word summary, so it's only natural that we should replicate this effective ratings system in the real world:

These stamps move the 'Like' functionality to the next level, with a corresponding 'Dislike' stamp available too. It makes all that non-essential paperwork a joy to file! Like the memo that says you've qualified for the monthly bonus? Like! Think the performance review from the boss can go do one? Dislike. Received a tax rebate? Like! Received an unexpected demand from the CSA? Dislike.

And so on.

[Perpetual Kid]

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  • Brad
    Anyone who buys or uses this in any correspondence with me will have shit sent back to them in the post.
  • Slacker
    Nice - a cheap and effective way of letting the rest of the world know that you're a complete mong!
  • Internet T.
    So funny...........
  • Katherine
    Unparalleled accuracy, unqevuioacl clarity, and undeniable importance!
  • ipihfj
    NYSGix kkrzthvswmmk
  • rfchdklhcg
    S18jGv vxixzzhaysbb

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