Facebook - soon mithering you about absolutely everything

27 October 2015

Facebook Facebook have been tinkering with their format again (seriously - leave it alone for five minutes, wouldya?), this time, looking at personalised notifications.

That's right, the social network is now going to cater to your every need by telling you about your friend's birthday, that event you forgot to say you weren't going to, and a whole load more. Mobile notifications on the Facebook app will now prod you about all the events in your life - even the ones you're not arsed about.

"We've heard feedback that people wanted to add important information that they can easily see, all in one place,” wrote product manager Keith Peiris on the official Facebook blog. “Along with your notifications, you can see and customize timely info."

Instead of a nice, normal list, you'll now get your mobile notifications organised as "cards", which will be tailored the more you tell Facebook about your activities and location. Interesting that eh? Not like Facebook to want to know where you are and what you're doing all the time, is it?

If you mess with your settings enough, you'll also get notifications about when your favourite TV show is on, or you'll get alerts from your favourite venues and pubs, every time they do anything, ever.

You might be fine with the privacy/usefulness trade-off, so this will be good news. If not, just delete the app and stop using it - save yourself and everyone around you the headache.

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