Facebook: Snapchat, voting and relationship mithering

20 May 2014

Bitterwallet - Facebook Facebook are branching out. After buying WhatsApp, they're looking at even more ways of getting people to sign-up with them.

Now, they're looking at voting, messages that die and having people poke around in your relationship status.


Well, remember when Americans went crazy, clicking the 'I'm a Voter!' button when they renewed Barack Obama? Facebook want to roll something similar out to the rest of the world. Not North Korea, presumably. The feature was available in India when they chose Narendra Modi as their new prime minister. Seems that there's good money in knowing how people are voting.

Dying messages?

Facebook failed to buy Snapchat, so instead of resting on their laurels, it looks like they're going to make their own version called Slingshot and it could be released within the month. Basically, like Snapchat, users will be allowed to send short video messages and the like, by tapping their screens after selecting someone from their Facebook friend list. It looks like Slingshot is going after Vine, too.

Relationship mithering?

There's a new Facebook button that allows you to ask people if they're single or taken, which is a bit naggy isn't it? A bit like a meddling aunt reminding you that you're running out of time. If you haven't seen the button, it is because you have your relationship status filled in - it only appears for those who have left it blank. Those asking have got a notes section where they can explain why they're asking about your status. It isn't unlike the 'ask' option where people can try and get your email or phone number. However, there might be some single users who will benefit from all this.

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