Facebook snap up Instagram for one billion dollars

10 April 2012

instagram If you’re a user of the insanely popular Instagram photo-sharing app, you’ll be delighted to learn that it has been bought up lock, stock and barrel by the shifty, insidious Facebook corporation. Hooray! Now all your photos are belong to Zuckerberg.

The weird, all-seeing social network has snapped up Instagram (‘snapped up’ – did you see what we did there?) for a cool one billion dollars (£629m) in cash and stock. But Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg claims that he’ll develop his new acquisition as a separate entity, crucially allowing it to post to rival networks rather than make it into another part of Facebook. There’s probably some horrendous data-harvesting angle that we haven’t been able to get our heads around yet though.

In case you’re not familiar with Instagram yet, it’s a photo app that can jazz up your boring, staid photos by applying different filters and making them look like they’ve been snapped using old film stock, before you share them with your followers. Throw in the fact that it only launched in October 2010 and now has 30 million users uploading five million new pics each day and only 13 members of staff, it’s pretty much a golden success story.

The success story got even more successier over the past week or so, with Instagram launching on Android and adding a million new users every day. In fact, it’s the sort of thing that the now-knackered Kodak should have bought a year ago if they’d had their wits about them. Ah well, hindsight is a wonderful thing.

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  • Facebook
    Don't worry guys! We will not be collecting your twatter account information or other social networks through the app so we can harvest anything. We love you guys.
  • Mary H.
    Wow, an app to attempt to suggest to people, you're not a cunt. A bit like facebook then.
  • Andrew R.
    It has been primarily used by iPhone users since its inception. And what do (most) iPhones embed into saved photos? That's right, geo-location data. And what do Facebook want? That's right, geo-location data. And what do Facebook do with that data? That's right, targeted advertising. There's your billion dollars!
  • Mr J.
    Facebook are idiots paying a bajillion dollars for this. I got this for free last week.
  • Liam
    Daft if you ask me. Yes, the geo location data and those app permissions for Twitter will come in use, but it is nowhere near worth the $1bn they paid for it. This is a sign of the dot com bubble 2.o to come. We'll soon forget the banker bashing and start targetting the nob jockeys who bum around on government subsidies to promote the digital sector.
  • The B.
    Ah, but did they pay $1 billion for it? It's cash "AND STOCK", let's be honest here, some time very soon Facebook are going to get a bigtime slapping down from various governments for the use of user data and their stock will go down faster than Tulisa on a juicy one. The best thing anyone at Instagram can do is flog the stock asap.
  • Mike H.
    I really need to come up with an idea that will make me billions from those desparate for people to like them.
  • Tim
    I'm just hoping he's bought it to kill it off and we end this fad of "hey, I'm cool, look at my crap photo that's been made to look cool with a Polaroid filter". I don't get why it's been so popular, or was it just providing some convenience for iPhone users that they didn't get out of the box? Or do they really just like it for the stupid faded photo look? Nothing you can't do with tonnes of other apps or software on your computer of course. Or did Steve recommend it, so they all snapped it up as The Lord had spoken.
  • Zleet
    £629m? Is it possible to die in a drug and whore fuelled sexplosion? If we hear of anyone's corpse being found pinned under a gold and jewel encrusted Japanese sex robot then we'll know who used to own instagram.
  • Assembly J.
    I didn't recommend it. I know cheap crap when I see it and we can copy it for about ten million and intergrate it into iOS. Please do not refer to me as the 'The Lord' in future. I have learned a valuable lesson about that and now must serve for a good chunk of eternity on this Hell based assembly line constructing Android tablets until I love them.
  • Dappy
    @'The Real Bob don't be runnin ur mout about mi bredrin, I'll be payin ya a visit blau blau
  • jonnyrotten
    Why dont they just implant everyone with the RFID chip or some other form of total tracking & control? & be done with it.
  • Suggestion
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