Facebook security boss is glad you all now care about security

19 March 2014

Facebook's head of security, Joe Sullivan, has said that the Edward Snowden NSA leaks have a ‘silver lining’ because it means that people are finally concerned about internet security.

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Sullivan went onto say that the Snowden case had changed how the internet dealt with security, and that increased public concern about privacy could only be a good thing.

But. It’s recently been revealed that one of NSA’s programmes, called Turbine, used a fake Facebook server to hack into millions of computers.

Oh, yes, and last year, 48.3% of Facebook users who quit the network did so not because they hated Buzzfeed quizzes and videos of grannies dancing to ‘Happy.’ Their reason? Concerns about privacy on Facebook.

Do excuse me while I have a sarcastic, hollow laugh.



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  • Jam
    I shall laugh with you. I hope this is the start of the leave FB revolution.

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