Facebook says the internet is as vital as 911

8 July 2014

Bitterwallet - Facebook When Mark Zuckerberg isn't owning Facebook and having a peculiarly long face, he's offering advice to the rest of the world about the internet. He knows about the internet you see? The internet made him wildly rich.

However, Mark Zuckerberg isn't exactly a nice man and his company do things that make people worried about their personal privacy; not to mention the concerns around the fact that Facebook tried to control the emotions of its users recently.

So forgive a few stifled incredulous laughs as Zuckerberg says that he sees the internet as a vital service for all, which should be as readily available as the emergency services. Presumably he doesn't want a wall around everything, which requires you to sign-up and be swamped with lousy Buzzfeed articles all day.

In an editorial with The Wall Street Journal, the Facebook honcho said he wanted to see universal internet access, and with only a third of the world online, he sees a problem. A problem, you can assume, he'd like to fix so he can add to his already considerable coffers. Zuck is already looking beyond Facebook (seriously, he's less concerned about Facebook than 99% of Bitterwallet readers) and eyeing up becoming an ISP, as well as working with aerial drones, satellites and laser beams and all manner of other Hank Scorpio business.

He noted that for 90% of the world’s population, they've got a network in place, but no affordable data plans. Provide basic internet for free, and then when they find access indispensable, try and convince them to pay for a data plan. Sounds a bit like a dealer who gives you your first couple of wraps for free.

He said: "Anyone can call 911 to get medical attention or report a crime even if you haven’t paid for a phone plan. In the future, everyone should have access to basic Internet services as well, even if they haven’t paid for a data plan." Not only that, but; "the internet is the foundation of this economy," and that "the internet will help drive human progress."

Saving the World, one Candy Crush request at a time.

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  • Darwa
    I agree with the headline as both Facebook and 911 are utterly useless to me.

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