Facebook say sorry for 'Year In Review'

29 December 2014

Facebook If you're on Facebook, you'll no doubt be aware of their 'Year in Review' feature, which was a crappy slideshow of people's finest moments of 2014, including a variety of cats, cocktails, lunches and people's selfies reflected in grubby mirrors.

Well, some people didn't have a nice time with their year, and the function only served to show them how awful 2014 had been for them, as well as showcasing the people they'd lost and what have you.

As a result, Facebook have apologised for the grief the feature caused. Presumably, someone in the Facebook office thought: 'If your year was awful and you didn't want reminding of depressing things, why on Earth did you use the thing?', but didn't want to upset the customers.

On of the things that went viral about the nostalgia tool was a piece by Eric Meyer, who lost his daughter. He wrote a blog which a lot of people related to and it quickly went viral. In reply to this, Jonathan Gheller, product manager for the app at Facebook, said sorry: "[The app] was awesome for a lot of people, but clearly in this case we brought him grief rather than joy. The team behind the app is considering ways to improve it and will take Meyer's concerns into account."

Naturally, the main gripe with it was just how pushy the app was, sitting atop your feed if you couldn't be bothered using it. It sat there, demanding attention like an emo cat.

Either way, now the year is nearly up, it'll soon bugger off, which will be a relief to many.

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