Facebook reaches new lows with email invitation spam

We've reported on Facebook's email invitation spam before and now a Bitterwallet reader flags the info that Facebook have become even more aggressive with email invitations.

Jim Carpenter has commented on the previous Facebook spam post:

Just found out that if you use the Share button under a photo or something and give an e-mail address then that e-mail address will show up on the list of people you have invited to Facebook AND they will start to automatically send “Reminder: Jim invited you to join Facebook…” spam! I just wanted to share something, not invite the person to FB and certainly not have FB spam them!!!!


When sharing a photo with friends or family the expected use of that personal email address is a one-time invitation to view the photos - not a continued marketing effort from Facebook asking your friend to join the site. As Jim says the email is given to Facebook for the purpose of sharing that photo, instead Facebook is storing the email address for future marketing use and implying the original sender wants the recipient to "join Facebook".

It's not easy to remove email addresses from the "invitation list" either. Mac Homer also left a comment about his experience trying to mass delete from the list. Every time he tried to do a mass removal of addresses he got the error: "Oops! Something went wrong. We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can. You may be able to try again." He was only able to remove email addresses from the list one at a time.

Last time we asked the question of whether this use of email addresses is permitted by UK email marketing law. We're going to follow up on that to try and get an answer but if you have any more thoughts, input or experiences with Facebook invitation spam please let us know in the comments!


  • acecatcher3
    whenever i go onto my facebook i have about 20 new updates from "speeddate" and it keeps saying "there are new men in ur area that want to meet you" then gives a massive list of names..........i would never add an app called "speeddate" and this has been going on a while now, has anyone else had this problem? and if u have, how did u fix it? btw hi paul x
  • acecatcher3
    when i say updates, i meant "notifications"
  • Decron
    Facebook will cause the end of the world. Mark my words!
  • acecatcher3
    ive just done a bit of research on the problem i have... http://www.techcrunch.com/2008/09/12/speeddate-hijacks-facebook-users-with-a-bait-and-switch/ so they buy out companies and their apps and spam the users who added the original app...............dont know why it thinks im gay tho, at least spam me about fit women in my area that want to meet up, im not interested in bob, george, sam, roger etc fancying me...will have to find out how to get this removed.
  • dvdj
    Your consistant flirting with the mod's here could be why ace ;)
  • acecatcher3
    must be haha! just incase anyone does read this and is having the same problem as me, go to privacy settings and block the app, im going to do the same with my hotmail "block email address" as i get an email everyday saying i have "a private message from a male in your area" bad times.
  • Neil
    Acecatcher3 - To stop getting them notifications, on your little notifications button (next to chat bar thing) when you get a notification, go to the right hand corner of that notification and press the X, then it will say hide all or something. Press that and then it will ask if you want to report it as Spam. Hope that helps.
  • acecatcher3
    thanks neil i did that and then i went to the application and blocked it and then ive blocked them from sending me emails, it was quite embarrasing really as if i showed ppl my facebook page they would see the notifications of "new men you can date" and id have to explain! hopefully thats the end of speeddate now!
  • -> H.
    It's OK ace, in this day and age, people will understand you're gay, just tell them.
  • psykar
    Had a similar thing recently - an email address I use for windows messenger only (not facebook) received no less than FIVE emails today, asking if I wanted to sign up, as various peopl ehad invited me. Seems strange though as yes I'd gotten these before, but never so many at once, particuarly when there are no new contacts who should be trying to add me all of a sudden.
  • mike1982
    speeddate is actually the reason I use Facebook everyday. I doubt acecatcher3 has even tried it. If you want to be connected to someone else, there is no better way than online speed dating that Facebook makes possible. I've recommended it to a few friends and most seem to like it. And if it's not for you, facebook makes it easy to remove, as others in this comment string have posted.
  • Jala
    To mike1982: Most people don't use facebook for the same reason you do (speeddate). If acecatcher3 wants to "be connected to someone", I'm sure they know how to go about it. The problem with SpeedDate is they send unsolicited emails & notifications to your personal email account, as well as on facebook. As for your comment: "facebook makes it easy to remove," the application if it's not for you; you are wrong. The reason why this "comment string" was started is because speeddate uses certain tactics to solicit people that a lot of people find annoying. The link you receive in the email to disable the email, takes you to your facebook notification settings page, and has nothing to do with stopping the email notifications. I tried blocking the application, but I still get emails from speeddate, that I never signed up for under speeddate, or the other applications they are associated with. If "SpeedDate" was on the up and up, why are they hiding behind other applications?
  • ka
    This "speed date" application just ruined my relationship. My boyfriend doesn't believe me that it's spam, and i didn't add it onto my facebook.... :(
  • Jala
    In addition, I've reported speeddate to "Spamcop" Tired of the unsolicited emails (spam) from speedate. Would be nice for facebook to step in and do something.
  • Dear B.
    [...] sales - but you’re getting as bad as Facebook when it comes to spamming your users (although Facebook are happy to spam non-users too, so that’s something, [...]
  • Dar
    Can anyone tell me what the application name speed date was using on facebook. It would have been in 2009. You would not of known it was Speeddate. I must of answered one of the silly apps. and then I all of a sudden started getting Speeddate private notes sent to my emails. This caused problems between my husband and I and now that we are seperated and going through a divorce it again is being brought up and I need to know where it all originated from. For I did not go into this site. I see alot of people had the same problems. Although I do need the application of where it was hiding under.

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