Facebook plan encrypted Messenger bot

1 June 2016
Facebook plan encrypted Messenger bot

After the whole of the technology and social media world went against the FBI, as well as various other authorities who would like to see what messages everyone is sending, encryption has been something of a key word lately.

While authorities say 'we only want to have little look, so we can catch criminals', the tech world is saying 'we don't trust you, and besides, giving you a backdoor means criminals will be able to get in as well'.

And that's the long and the short of it.

Either way, tech companies are encrypying everything, which is basically to say that they're making it so no-one can see what you're saying to anyone else. WhatsApp have encypted their service, and now, Facebook want to do the same with their Messenger bot.

What's this about bots? Basically, Facebook are introducing artificial intelligence into their Messenger service, so you can talk to bots who act on behalf of various retailers and financial services.

The social network wants to encrypt all that, which is apparently optional.

There's a small dilemma here - do you want better bots, or more safety? See, if you opt-in for the encryption, it means it'll be harder for the AI to learn your behaviours.

Safety and privacy is a big draw for companies on the internet now, after the fallout from Apple's row with the FBI, and of course, the whole Edward Snowdon business.

This is tricky for tech companies, as their customers want improved service, but they also want their privacy. Facebook will need to look at your messages, so their machines can look at what you typically need, but they also understand that you don't want certain people sticking their noses into your correspondence.

Google's Allo, complete with 'digital assistant' will also have a similar headache over this.

Like Facebook, Google will be making encryption - which means the only person who can translate your messages is the recipient of your message - an opt-in service.

If you want relative privacy, you can get it, but your service might suffer. Your call.

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  • aaa

    "See, if you opt-in for the encryption, it means it'll be harder for the AI to learn your behaviours."

    This makes absolutely no sense. Why would stopping someone from eavesdropping on the communication between you and facebook prevent them from providing the same service? Irrelevant...

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