Facebook paid £4,000 in tax last year

12 October 2015

Bitterwallet - Facebook Facebook, the place where a lot of people complain about how little tax Starbucks pay, managed to pay £4,000 in corporation tax last year, according to reports. That'd be Facebook there, you made £105million during the same period, in the UK.

The actual figure the social network paid was £4,327 in corporation tax, which is about a grand less than the average British worker's income tax payments.

One of the sneaky ways that Facebook made sure it operated at a loss, was to hand out £34.5m in shares to employees in Britain, as part of their bonus scheme. That makes their average remuneration package £100,000, which means they ended up losing money.

MP Margaret Hodge isn't happy, and is the chair of the Commons Public Accounts Committee. She said that Facebook was "still refusing to listen to the voice of public opinion," and, in addition to that, "using elaborate corporate structures and artificial devices for no purpose other than to avoid tax."

"We have to take tough to crack down on this behaviour, and the UK should be leading the way on this issue."

We look forward to people standing next to phones open on Facebook pages and protesting, while other social networks set up passive-aggressive A-boards in the street about paying their tax.

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  • Warwick H.
    Ha Margaret Hodge, the frying pan calling the kettle Black arse.
  • Inspector G.
    So have they transferred the tax liability to their staff as PAYE and NI contributions?
  • Saviour
    Margaret Hodge's tax affairs are completely above board and she absolutely wouldn't dream of having benefitted from 96,000 shares in a company based in Liechtenstein, previously Panama. Because that would just be hypocrisy.

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