Facebook offering money to you, to test Slingshot

31 July 2014

facebook mobile Facebook are offering money to users to test out their new photo-messenger app, Slingshot.

The social network behemoth says that, if you want to get paid, you'll have to play with the app for "about 1-2 hours per week" over a three-month period, and in return, you'll get $200.

You'll be looking for glitches, testing functionality and generally spouting off about the things you find good and bad about it. Of course, you could sign-up and conduct a test on Facebook and not tell them about it and get paid for trying to upset them with your findings.

They won't mind, will they?

Slingshot was launched as a rival to Snapchat, which Mark Zuckerberg tried to buy for $3bn, but saw their advances batted away. Like all big businesses, Facebook thought 'well, if you can't buy them, copy them'. Of course, Facebook have already tried a similar thing with an app called Poke, but everyone was very thorough when ignoring it.

Anyway. If you want to test Slingshot for money, then click here to find out how.

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