Facebook might be putting tip-jars on Pages

Bitterwallet - Facebook logo The very mention of tipping a business gets some people foaming at the mouth with frustration, pointing out that not all services get tipped, and stuff about people already getting a wage. Some people just stick their hand in their pocket because they don't mind.

However, it is one thing chucking a quid into a pot at a cafe, but would you do it online, via Facebook? That's what they're looking at, potentially creating a virtual tip jar so you can give small amounts of money to Pages run by people and businesses you like.

Are you going to go for that? You could tip your favourite DJ if you wanted. You could tip someone who set up a page specifically about wanting to punch slow walking people in the back of the head. Is anyone really going to?

It is obvious that Facebook wants more money passing through it, as they're pushing for users to be able to pay for goods through its site, especially when talking to chatbots in their Messenger service.

Facebook are also looking at better ways of making money through sponsored posts, which invariably means that more adverts and sponsored posts will appear on everyone's timeline, which will be fantastically annoying.

Basically, you can expect more buttons that ask you for cash - so 'book now' buttons could appear next to posts about imminent tours or stage productions, as well as a tipping button on Pages.

Meanwhile, people with a business page will be continued to be asked for money, every single day by Facebook. No wonder people aren't using the service like they used to.

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