Facebook makes you feel bad

27 August 2013

Science has spoken. Social interaction on Facebook actually decreases happiness and makes us feel terrible.
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Unlike real social interaction, which is proven to lift moods and create feelings of positivity, the study, led by Professor Ethan Kross at the University of Michigan found that its 83 participants actually felt worse after using Facebook.

After an initial survey, which asked about their Facebook habits and levels of self esteem, the participants were tracked for 14 days. They were sent 5 text messages a day asking how they felt, and how recently they’d logged in to FB. The more they used Facebook, ‘the more their life satisfaction levels declined’, said Professor Kross.

So what is it about Facebook that sucks so much? George Takei’s latest ‘only comment if you got it in 10 seconds’ posts featuring pictures of cassettes and pencils in bed together? Babies? Kittens? Click ‘like’ if you don’t want this kid to die of cancer?

Nope, it’s good old-fashioned negative comparison.

‘Other people tend to post information-pictures, announcements, etc-that make their lives appear to be great.’ said Prof Kross. ‘Frequent exposure to such information could lead people to feel worse about their own lives. There are likely to be other factors too- for example, lack of interaction with other people directly.’

This is, admittedly, a small study. But if the negative effects on the 83 participants were magnified to include FB’s 1 billion users, that might explain why we’re all depressed and confused about twerking.

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  • shiftynifty
    Facebook.....Social interaction for twats....
  • Dick
    ... twats with 427 friends.
  • shiftynifty
    … twats with 427 friends.....but no likey
  • Big R.
    no likey, no lighty!

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