Facebook Lite closes - everyone back to Farmville!

21 April 2010

Bitterwallet - Facebook Deathwatch! Facebook Lite has been closed down after only seven glorious months as a stripped-down alternative to the bewilderingly buggy main version of the social networking sensation. Users of Lite now find themselves diverted back to the big, shonky original Facebook. Bugger.

Designed for people with slow internet connections but in many ways a pale imitation of Twitter, Facebook Lite only allowed users to do simple stuff like write on their wall, post photos and videos, view events and browse other people's profiles.

If you opted for the Facebook Lite experience, it meant missing out on vital updates from your friends about how their imaginary farms were doing or the latest hits made by their imaginary mafia, not to mention their daily horoscope readings that you almost certainly didn’t give a shit about.

In truth though, Facebook Lite probably wasn’t cutting the mustard from a fiscal point of view and so it’s gone the way of New Coke and Primark’s paedokinis – into the big burning bin of history.

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  • Chris
    An alternative is to try Tweetdeck, an app made on the Adobe AIR platform that allows you to check several social networking sites in realtime from 1 app: http://www.tweetdeck.com
  • Disgrace C.
    @Chris By several do you mean two, you dirty poo poo lies
  • Amanda H.
    I think there is something wrong with me. I seem to be the only person who thinks these sites are complete and utter shit. I would rather connect my testicles to my bt landline and get electric shocks every time someone wants to contact me, rather than read the drivel that constantly spews from people who think I want to know about their boring lives, mood swings and eggs theyve found on their fake fucking farms.
  • Amanda H.
    I like twitter tho.
  • Chris F.
    no one gives a fuck about your thoughts, what do you think this is, facebook?
  • Chris
    @Disgrace Cook It checks Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and LinkedIn... so no I don't mean 2.
  • Disgrace C.
    @Chris Sorry my bad Mood: Horny 8-) | Currently Listening to: BJ ORC
  • Nobby
    @Amanda. No, you are not the only one. I think facebook is shit. And it costs the UK economy about £453,917,382.45 a year in workers fucking around with their virtual chickens rather than working.
  • Hugh R.
    Hugh likes this article.
  • Klingelton
    wow - £453,917,382.45 a year? imagine what BW must cost!
  • Amanda H.
    Amanda has just found an Egg.
  • David C.
    David doesn't like this.
  • TheIllegitimateSonOfGun
    Fucking farmville – I swear, most of the updates from my facebook friends are about their fucking farms. Time for a purge methinks.
  • Mel
    Just hide farmville and all the other apps. Duh. On your feed, find some irritating post about someone's lost a cow, go to the right, click hide and choose to hide that app.

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