Facebook lifts the top off customer requests at DSGI

8 September 2009

A few people, largely those purporting to work at the likes of PC World and Currys, seem to have missed the point of our exposé of DSGI staff on Facebook; there is absolutely no doubt that some customers are unreasonable, abrasive pains in the backside - absolutely anybody working in retail would agree with that. If you want to piss and moan about them though, you should do it in the staff room or the pub, or even a private Facebook group. You don't create a public forum and post comments under your own name. That's just dickish.

Having said all of that, we did note there are some perks to the job when it comes to face-to-face dealings with customers:

Bitterwallet - showus your baps for discount


  • Tom P.
    "What if i show you my baps?" You mean she wanted to show him some bread she'd bought earlier?
  • TV's B.
    I can't wait for best buy to completely ruin this pathetic excuse for a company. (and yes, I know best buy isn't exactly ideal, but compared to the shit we have to put up now, its much better)
  • The B.
    I'm bored with them now, they don't even have the mental capacity to defend themselves, it’s like calling a retarded kid a mong, there’s no sport in it if they can’t defend themselves.
  • Shazzam-ass-master
    Maybe butter wallet will stop posting this crap if we all show them our baps.
  • -Mike H.
    Baps are baps dude, you could have taken a shot and put it on Facefook.
  • Nobby
    So he had a camcorder in his hand, and a woman offering to show her baps. I know what I would have done.
  • Tiny S.
    "Posted by Nobby | September 8th, 2009 at 12:11 pm So he had a camcorder in his hand, and a woman offering to show her baps. I know what I would have done." A quick one off the wrist????
  • goon
    Shouldn't the title of this article be Apple says facebook lifts the top off customer requests at DSGI when viewed on iphone
  • zeddy
    If she was that fugly he should have added £20 to the price of the camcorder.
  • Pot k.
    LOL. So funny some spotty pale loser considers someone else ugly. Seriously have you lot seen the staff in their stores? How many fit staff have you ever seen in one of these stores? Their all spotty, obese, chavvy, pale, geeky.........endless list.........
  • zeddy
    @Pot: The staff member's command of the English language is better than yours, however.
  • Pot k.
    @zeddy. Aah bless. Sticking up for your man like that. Good for you.
  • zeddy
    Your generosity knows no bounds.
  • Mark (.
    If this truly is BW's work... are you not pissed that both BBC and PC Pro appear to have jumped on it and claimed it as their own?
    • Andy D.
      Yes. Massively so. Add The Telegraph and The Observer to that list, although the former added a link after we harangued them about it for a day.
  • Bin I.
    Welll from what i have read the truth has to come out sometime and given the fact that the staff have a hard time in store and their FIVES crap which is very bullocks and not worth the papaer is written on .. i mean parrott talk its creap. when customers have problems they cannot help so a lady has to take her case to the BBC. and then she gets her money back. And the market they aim for is Nasty customers not the type that John Lewis would pull into thier stores... they have a different genre of customers who are aflluient and the firm respcts their staff. But often their ocmes a time when people have to get things off thier chest. and often online is the best method ffwd. Well lets c wot else comes out of the closet at DSGI ... more crap staff being asked to cleean toilets etc mroe to come.. i can bet u any money
  • Mr K.
    love the fact that this website berates retail stores and its employees, thrives on slating DSGi and their staff, but when DSGi employees do the same thing?? OMG! How dare they! Y
  • hee h.
    I particularly love how Bitterwallet highlights the falls of staff under the DSGi banner but have a section on their website for the very same people who slag us off, to show off their latest photo's of shopping trolleys. Perhaps I'm missing something.

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