Facebook goes all Shazam-y

22 May 2014

facebook audio Audio recognition is all the rage these days.

Look at Shazam. It's pretty much sewn up the market in "oh what's this tune?" "Hang on, I'll find out for you", but now Facebook (who are trying to do absolutely everything at the minute) have announced that they are launching a recognition feature for their app.

And while that all seems a bit superflous, you can share what you've recognised as a status update. Or just to show that you've finally cottoned on to crate-dug obscurities such as Get Lucky, Son Of My Father or Hey Jude, and your circle finding out you're a bit of a cultural slowcoach.

When recognising TV shows, the app will take a 30 second sound clip and then link directly to the show’s own Facebook page, and will also be able to tell what season and episode number the clip comes from.

An example of that can be seen in the picture, where niche animation The Simpsons has been identified.

Audio recognition will only be available in the US initially with it being rolled out across Android and iOS platforms in the next few weeks, but no news on when the UK will get it.

Let's see it in action, shall we?


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