Facebook finally trust you enough to curate your own feed

10 November 2014

Bitterwallet - Facebook logo Facebook have been fiddling with your newsfeed for a while now, and after everyone moaned about it (invariably through their Facebook updates), it seems like the social network have listened. Insert your own 'Facebook listening in on their users' joke here.

If you want to mute someone for putting up too many baby photos or secretly cold-shoulder someone who blarts on about their keep-fit regime without unfriending them, or indeed, blank companies trying to sell you stuff, Facebook are giving you the tools to do so.

The new settings tool allows you to control what you see on your feed with greater ease. After you login, you'll see grey arrows which you can click on on the top right corner of a post.

You can hide stories, hide people and all manner of things.

Of course, you've been able to do this for a while, but it wasn't immediately obvious how to do it for a lot of Facebook's users. The feature is being rolled out as we speak and will hit the mobile version in the next couple of weeks.

If you want to watch a video about it all, here it is.

More Ways to Control What You See in Your News Feed from Facebook on Vimeo.

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