Facebook crash app to test your loyalty

5 January 2016

Bitterwallet - Facebook Facebook have to be one of the oddest companies around. Not only do they constantly tinker with their platform and have a problem with women's nipples, but they like messing with you and your feelings. Ages ago, they actually played with people's emotions just to see what would happen, and now, they're testing your loyalty.

That's right! To see if you really love them, they ran some tests where they kept making their app crash for certain users.

Facebook wanted to know how loyal you were, so they made the app crash continually, just to see how much you'd try and log-in, and how frequently.

According to reports, one person familiar with the test said: "People never stopped coming back!" Users were monitored to see how they'd react emotionally, and often, they'd blame their browser before shouting at Facebook, or giving up trying to log-in all the time.

There's more to this test. It is said that Facebook's goal was to be ready in case it runs into trouble with Google, and the Android operating system. "Facebook's goal is to be ready in case it has an intractable conflict with Google, which operates the Android mobile operating system, over future rules governing how apps can function on Android," said the Information.

We're just waiting for them to start issuing Facebook branded tinfoil hats, because they're sounding a bit manic at the minute.

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  • PIe M.
    Facebook users are all nobheads, so I'm struggling to see what can be learned from this scenario... save for the fact that all Facebook users are nobheads?

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