Facebook At Work - pestering you in the office

Facebook At Work is due

There's a number of passive-aggressive online platforms, designed to prod and poke you about work you've got to do, and gathering up work specific chat so it doesn't spill into your skives.

There's Basecamp and Slack, and soon, there'll be Facebook At Work.

Fully embracing the idea that no-one under the age of 30 wants to use Facebook as a normal social media platform anymore, Zuckerberg is fully embracing older people.

There's AI in Messenger, so you can talk to your energy provider, and a blanket ban on anyone using their nicknames on Facebook, and now, there's this enterprise-focused nonsense.

It looks like it'll be launching next month, and there'll be a monthly charge if you want to use the service.

Facebook at Work will let users create work accounts, and have a 'Work Feed' so you can collaborate on ideas and the like. Obviously, you could just set up a group chat on any other messaging service, but Facebook obviously see a need.

You can imagine there'll be an opportunity to do audio and video conferencing, and all that as well.

Facebook at Work has been used by 450 companies already, in a beta mode, and now it looks like it is good to go, and we hear that it will be kicking off with a free trial.

So there you have it. Facebook. Social media, in chinos.

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