Everyone's bored of Facebook and Instagram

Everyone's bored of Facebook and Instagram

People are bored of Facebook and Instagram, preferring more private apps such as WhatsApp, and Telegram.

This is according to new research from a study that looked at the amount of time people are spending on various social networking apps. The biggest drop in usage across the globe was Instagram, down 23.7% year-on-year.

What won't help, is that IG have just tinkered with the way your timeline works, which has not been received well by users.

Elsewhere, usage was down for Twitter (down 23.4%), Snapchat (15.7%) and Facebook (8%).

In the UK specifically, Instagram dropped the most, while Snapchat was very popular (with British people being the third highest users of the app in the world).

The researchers at SimilarWeb tracked activity on a host of Android phones from January to March 2016, comparing it to the same period from the year before, from people in UK, France, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Australia, India, and more.

Pavel Tuchinsky, who wrote the report, says: "We see a trend towards privacy, and towards more individual communications. Let's take the growth of Telegram as an example. Also Whisper and Yik Yak where people can chat anonymously. It seems people are moving to more closed communities."

Messaging apps are the hot thing right now, with a spike in popularity for WhatsApp, as well as Messenger, Viber, WeChat and Line.

While Snapchat is more fun than a lot of other apps, WhatsApp and the other messenger services feel safer, with users much less likely to get dragged and harangued by strangers, for saying something daft.

We'll have to see what social media has in store, to try and reverse the slide.

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