Every cloud has a panty liner, with Cloud Girlfriend

29 March 2011

More cloud-based shenanigans for your Tuesday, but it's nothing to do with Amazon this time - or your music collection. It's to do with online relationships, getting conkers deep virtually every night, making your friends jealous... and carrying on with a non-existent girlfriend.

Yes, welcome to Cloud Girlfriend, coming soon - but only if you want her to, presumably:

Bitterwallet - Cloud Girlfriend

Details are vague, but it appears that the service will create a character to your specifications, then create accounts on the likes of Facebook and Twitter so you can show her off to friends, family and ex-girlfriends.

Presumably it won't be some busty lover pulling the strings at the back end, but another gentleman who may or may not be sat in his underwear. Difficult to know what else to say. We've signed up.

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  • Sam
    I've ordered 10!
  • andy y.
    I can dream
  • Stu
    Am I the only one thinking what a brilliant way of truly screwing up your friends relationship! Just create some fake whore and put your friends facebook details in there.... Wait till his girlfriend sees it... Genius.
  • br04dyz
    @Stu, that my friend is indeed Genius - but why just create one......surely it you be better to create a "gobble" (collective noun) of iWhores and make the unsuspecting victim, I mean mate seem like some kind of Lothario! Best timed if he's away for a conference in Vegas for the week and when he comes back he has 13 more "friends"! To the cloud!
  • Q
    @ Stu/br04dyz, both genius ideas, can't wait to wreak havoc!!!

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