East Coast Twitter controller runs out of patience...

It's been a tough day for rail travellers on the East Coast line, what with all the flooding and that. As such, the East Coast  Twitter account has been inundated with queries and complaints from frustrated humans, all keen to get from A to B without being stuck or soaked, and their queries and complaints were handled in a calm, professional manner.

But at 4.17pm, that East Coast Twitter controller strayed 'off-message' a little bit when faced with some abuse.

Screen Shot 2012-09-25 at 17.23.42

Doesn't hurt to go off-message once in a while...


  • Lyndsay
    Quite like the sarcasm. Manages to defuse the abuse whilst expressing frustration at the abusive tweet.
  • John F.
    Well done East Coast I say! Reading your post reminded me of a similar blog posting recently about Arriva Trains Wales which is well worth a read: http://whatsthepont.wordpress.com/tag/arriva-trains-wales/ These two examples demonstrate the very best kind of service provider interactions with customers via the medium of Twitter. Clearly some train operators are better than others but there are lessons here that could (should) be useful to other organisations such as water companies and other utility providers.
  • chewbacca
    ex east coast twitter person now. Not allowed to have a personality or tell the truth in the transport industry these days.
  • Claire
    To be honest I think the original tweet got the reply it deserved. There are some other egs in east coast timeline of brilliant customer service, going above and beyond, at a time when they must be really busy. ( and no, I don't work for them!)
  • Joe
    Absolutely beautiful.
  • jestershead
    Brilliant, a round of applause. Since when has the train company been in charge of the rain? Give this person a promotion, his own train. but dont let that idiot on.
  • Colin
    At least East Coast can spell properly , which is more than South West Trains do on their Twitter account a lot of the time!
  • James L.
    @Colin I won't have anything said against South West Trains - I think they do a brilliant job on their twitter account. As for the above I agree he handled this very well. I pity the staff having to deal with idiots like that everyday.
  • You
    James Larkin wont have anything said against South West Trains? I didnt see this in the papers and said something agianst them only this morning. I hope I'm not in trouble
  • Studley
    Breaking news: Cunts on Twitter, more at 11
  • Greek D.
    Pleasa stoppa the swearinga
  • Raggedy
    @James Larkin - so they do a good job on Twitter? Maybe they should concentrate on that instead of attempting to run a train service? I am heartened by the fact that they're upgrading all the stations (and spending millions on it) and making them look modern. However, I have no wish whatsoever to spend more than a few minutes in a station. I want to catch a train. On time. Not stand around for hours in a modernised station waiting for the damn things. Oh and they're spending £3.2 million on wi-fi in trains except not the ones I catch. Will I get a reduction? PIG! There's a pig in the sky! A big fat corporate bloodsucking pig.
  • Mike M.
    John Fox? Is he up for a bumming ?
  • Mike G.
    I'm up for a bumming.
  • Mike M.
    ffs mum...I know that you're ALWAYS up for a bumming, you don't have to go on about it.

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