Earn money, keep your job - don't use Twitter

6 July 2009

Quite by random, today's posts all seem to be about either airlines (more to come) or people posting their inner thoughts on social media sites with not a clue as to their repercussions. Tomorrow, we promise to get back to DSGi and PC World. And Tesco.

So back to social media. Last time it was Facebook, this time it's Twitter. The problem with sites like Twitter is that it's easy to assume nobody important is reading them. However, according to recruitment site ResumeBear, four out of five recruiters now regularly run web searches to screen job applicants.

The last thing a prospective boss (or your current one) will want to read is how you endlessly dick about in your job and exactly what you think of the management. So a few examples to ram the point home - if you don't want to be eating out of bins during the recession, don't do this sort of thing:


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