DSGi staff attack customers on Facebook, sleep with them on MySpace

Bitterwallet - FacebookDozens of staff claiming to work at PC World and Currys are using Facebook to launch fierce attacks on their own customers, with some employees branding them "retards" and "twats".

British Airways, Primark and other high-profile companies have all been caught out by staff posting comments on Facebook that criticised customers and working conditions. Bitterwallet has been reading through a Facebook group called DSGi Employees, where dozens of the 3,000-strong membership discuss working for the company and dealing with the shoppers.

Topics cover internal policies and training, but criticism of customers proves consistently popular, with discussions ranging from "The sale of goods act (as amended by customers)", "why are customers often surprised when we try to sell them add-ons/essentials?" and "Chatting up customers...." to "Arsehole customers!", "Really Stupid Customers!" and Some customers are really really stupid.....". Most contributors use their real names and reveal their location and store number in another discussion called "Which branch?".

Amongst the comments:

  • a continuous barrage of insults towards customers - one employee refers to a shopper as a "retard" while another suggests any customer asking for discount should "go fuck yourself you hardfisted, smallwalleted, annoying, iggnorant [sic] tightfisted fucktard."
  • staff state that some customers deserve a "back hand" or a "punch"; one person asks other employees whether they should be "legally allowed to cattle prod this [sic] arseholes!!!!"
  • a member of staff boasts of sexual liaisons with a customer after using details from a sale to add her as a friend on MySpace - we're reasonably sure that falls well outside the Data Protection Act

What makes this even more astonishing is that according to group members, senior management are apparently aware of the Facebook group's existence and read through the comments on a regular basis; one member of staff claims to have been disciplined for offering poor sales advice through the group to another employee: "Watch your backs," he warns, "big brother / head office is watching."

Everybody's entitled to an opinion, but airing them in a public forum for your customers to read is unbelievable behaviour:

Bitterwallet - DSGI 1

Bitterwallet - DSGi 2

Bitterwallet - DSGi 6

Bitterwallet - DSGi 3

Bitterwallet - DSGi 4

Bitterwallet - DSGi 5


  • Balrog
    There are plenty of times I've said similar things about customers & clients in my jobs, you know who you are shaved monkeys! You would have to be made of concentrated stupid to put it down in writing though.
  • Junkyard
    Damn funny how these guys are posting this shit in public under their real names, and then calling the *customers* retards.
  • jambo
    there's a difference between thinking it and saying it out loud in public. jesus, I know they're not the sharpest knives in the drawer at PC World, but come on....
  • bob
    Everyone in a customer service role will get stupid customers who know best, but saying this thought of thing on a very accessible area, with full names and addresses? And they call the customers fucktards...
  • DSGI s.
    You have to laugh at the employee revolt, what a sad bunch of tards, just LOL!
  • Alex W.
    If I was told by DSGi staff that DAB radio coverage covered my area and when I got home I found it wasn't, I would be entitled under the sale of good act to a refund as I was sold an item that wasn't fit for purpose as far as I am concerned. As much as DSGi staff might laugh at customers, they're much worse when it comes to knowing what the legal position is.
  • Nobby
    It's interesting to read about people trying to get discounts if they are spending a lot of money, and then the staff blaming "that Dom off the Telly". I wonder when they will just add extra on to the price, so they can offer a Dom Discount. Mind you I partly agree with the staff when they call their customers retards. You can get much better service and prices elsewhere.
  • Anonymous C.
    Yep, i'll bite again. "bitteratdsgiwallet" this site should be renamed to. Slow news day is it?
  • ball_sack
    Get off their backs you bunch of shit stains and go write something worth while
  • J!NX
    "I know its a genuine question to those not in the know, but "How much can I fit on 1 gigabyte?" >bites lip... want to say thats a bit like asking how long is a mile? " Maybe, just maybe I'm unconciously representing the 'stupid customer' but.. 'a piece of string' would better fit there, because as far as I know a mile is always 5,280 feet no matter what. Now how many cars you can fit on a one mile stretch would be a question!
  • reel
    This was in the news about a month ago
  • me
    lol at Nobby! I bet if these people were complaining about DSGi themselves, they'd get the sack. But because they are moaning about the customers nothing is done about it?
  • David K.
    I think this perfectly represents minimum wage staff - I know if I were getting paid jack to deal with bad customers all day i'd happily bitch and moan online. If a few lose their jobs I'm sure they couldn't give a damn! This is a product of large-scale consumerism, not of unruly staff. I bet those same people would work to a higher standard if they had a vested interest in their company...
  • Roger R.
    Might be worth remembering. If I DO ever lower myself into going into one of these shit-holes, and the staff member that serves me isn't up to scratch, I'll create a facebook profile in their name, and put a load of abuse on their "official" group. That'll teach the cunt-holes!
  • Incidentally...
    You can't keep a good man down. That's what she said ;)
  • Rob
    Ahh PC world. The store where the staff are as ignorant as the shoppers.
  • The B.
    "Whats the Size of this 42" Plasma?" Apparently, they find that hysterical, chances are it's never even occurred to the dumb shits that the customer might mean physical dimensions rather than screen size.
  • currysbod
    @ The Real Bob, Then why didnt the customer ask the correct question. It is no different to laughing at the guy who asks "whose jacket is this coat?" If you ask a stupid question, you'll get a stupid answer. At the end of the day, why is this really any different to Hotel Babylon etc? (very successful book/tv series about dumb arse customers and the stupid situations they get themselves into). Oh and there is at least 1 regional manager as a member.
  • Dai G.
    @ Currysbod Hardly the same as "Whose jacket is this coat?" , asking hom big the42" plasma is a valid question. Asking how big the screen is on a 42" plasma would be stupid. Anyway, yeah we all grip about our customers/users/clients whatever doing it on a public website however is just stupid.
  • Mippy
    Post 18 1 replyMick Arnall (Leeds) wroteat 22:49 on 16 July 2007 im sorry, but this sort of stuff would get you into trouble if it wa leaked on the public view! remember youtube? how mad did headoffice go with that, doesnt look professional and all. my advise is, becareful of what you put, we can have a laugh, but plz dont be too silly with this!Report Oh dear.
  • The B.
    Currysbod. Again, you and your ilk show your ignorance, as Dai has already stated, it's a perfectly valid question which has been sneered at, ironically because the moron in question is so inflexible he can't interpret a question in more than one way. Frankly, with sort of attitiude to customers it's a wonder that he ever makes any sales and still has a job. Try looking at this, it pretty much surmises most of the "customers are idiot threads": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSINO6MKtco Quite funny really, I remember being stared at blankly asking for an SATA cable in PC World, the guy asked me what it was, I told him a hard drive cable, he directly me to the IDE's, I pointed out that no, they were IDE's and he shrugged, said whatever and walked off. Funny how he didn't like it being done to him but I wonder how many times that day he'd done exactly the same to other people? If you don't want to deal with dickheads then you have to wonder why you chosen sales as a profession (although working for DSGi hardly constitutes sales).
  • Pedegg
    sometimes customers are fucktards http://notalwaysright.com/
  • KPIefpWEH
    The typical questions I faced daily were... "Is this travel plug adaptor three times the price than on the high street because you are airside at an airport, the only place that sells them in the departure lounge and I can't buy it anywhere else?" "Why are all your Apple Ipods only shown as being in bundles with really expensive accessories? Can I buy it on it's own at the very cheap price there are sold for in airside DTFs?" (Answer - If you look gullible, "No, they only are available in bundles." or if you look like you can spell Trading Standards or look like a travelling DSGi or Apple exec, "Yes, you can buy them solus - Look the solus price is on the back of the ticket, someone must have turned it round by mistake." "Why are your memory cards upto ten times the price they are sold for anywhere else, even within the departure lounge where Boots sell them by the suntan lotion?" "Do I need WhatEverHappens on a solid state sub-£30 Ipod Shuffle?" "These Apple MacBooks are really cheap aren't they? No I won't have any accessories. What do you mean there aren't any in the stock room? What do you mean you don't sell the display model?" "Can you stop repeatedly offering me countless accessories and WEH?" (Answer - "No I can't")
  • ball_sack
    KPIefpWEH - that made no sense you douche bag The Real Bob - your just an arse candle arnt you - you obviously havnt worked in sales and realise that customers are complete keeks - or maybe you are one of these 'customers' to go out to try and look clever but as soon as you left the shop I bet all the staff called you a complete bell end...
  • Mike
    Personally the staff just do what theyre told to, if someone complains theyll follow procedures already set out, if they keep complaining they cant do anything else. I had someone bring an mp3 player back getting properly itate, tested it it contained htm links to music files, told him I wasnt going to refund it and waisted literally 40 mins of my time explaining to the fuktard why it didnt work.
  • KPIefpWEH
    @ ball_sack Makes perfect sense - the story is about DSGi staff mocking customer questions and the like. My post refers to questions customers asked me when I worked in DSGi retail sales. If you don't understand the lingo, one day after having worked in retail sales for a while you will. Any DSGi employee will understand the details and probably know who I am as well, lol... Customers are just not the effort though, you are right... They are complete.... What's that word you've used, keeks? Is that kiddy slang or something?
  • Mike
    However I appreciate anyone with any common sense probably wouldnt shop in some stores
  • KPIefpWEH
    @Mike I would have looked up some random service number and told him he had to ring it to talk to an engineer as we are only sales assistants and can't help with technical faults.
  • dsgi_staff
    wow kpiefpweh thats some way to defend the company... bravo!!! Yes some customers do say stupid things like "erm wheres your motor oil" or "how many jigga's is this hard drive" AND you can have a laugh about it in the staff area/shop floor, But if you bitch about it publicly under your own name in a group anyone can see then you have to expect some sort of consequence.
  • The B.
    ball_sack, frankly I do all of my shopping on the internet precisely so I don't have to deal with fuckwit arrogant sales staff like yourself, I get it cheaper, don't get abuse from a cocky little prick who earns minimum wage and seems to think that commission is his god given right rather than something he should actually work for. Your shit attitude is exactly what I expect from sales people and I don’t tolerate it, if you can’t be arsed to deal with customers (and lets be honest, even McDonalds staff manage it) then you probably shouldn’t be in your chosen career (I love the idea that working in a shop is a “career” rather than something that people do because they’re not skilled or intelligent enough to work anywhere else).
  • alex
    wow WHAT AN EXCLUSIVE BITTERWALLET! Also... my name is Alex..... I think bitterwallet are a bunch of wankers.
  • currysbod
    @ The real bob, And you sir, are exactly the sort of customer that gets sneered at. You think you are better than the sales staff, despite the fact you may only know a little more than the person. Or as happens in many cases you don't know your arse from your elbow and when corrected however politely get all uppity. I reserve the right to not serve someone who rudely contradicts my advice and have done so. If you ask my advice, I'll give it to you. If you then blatantly ignore it, I'll walk away because you obviously dont need me. There are many people who do need help and advice and are grateful for it. Oh and btw, in my store, all the cables are together and so are IDE and SATA hard drives. I currently work in retail, but have a degree in sociology. I have 15 years of management experience and am currently setting up my own company. My chosen career isnt currently recruiting and the last time it was saw 90 applicant for 4 positions. I work in retail because at this moment in time, it suits me not because I'm not intelligent or skilled. FYI, Currys employees dont earn commisions and earn only a little over minimum wage. They don't have to tolerate arrogance and I don't have to tolerate rudeness. The correct answer to the question "how big is this 42" plasma?" IS "it's 42 inches". Now to leave it at that and wander off would be wrong (and a little facetious), but to use it break the ice and enter a sales conversation with a customer is something I do regularly. Of course, the customer might need more details than that, but the question stands as a monument to literal interpretation and as such should be held up and joked about (you DO have a sense of humour, right?) It is not right that all customers are idiots, but if you fail to see the humour in some requests, you will go everso slightly mad espcially in any customer facing job. Let's face it, mis-pronounciations are funny. A little juvenile, yes, but still funny.
  • KPIefpWEH
    Although Dixons Tax Free (aka Dixons Travel) staff do earn more than minimum wage and get sales commission still. My former colleagues ranged from an ex-builder (he had no experience in any other field), through students (although the one studying business could hardly read or write and we had to help him with any long words) to people with all sorts of degrees. We did shift work starting at 4am when the first flights started for the day. We used to leave one person working and go sleep on the departure lounge seating. The managers had a proper 80's attitude like - "What are we going to do today? Sell Sell Sell! When are we going to do it? Now Now Now!", "Lunch is for wimps" and so on. The managers mocked everyone - customers, workers, head office, etc... If they saw you with a "guest" and it wasn't to do with sales they would have a word with you. Returns and so on were to be fobbed off and told to go Currys when they were outside of the airport or given phone numbers to ring. Most of your day could be spent trying to cop off with airport staff from outside your own unit. As a staff member you knew you got a daily grilling and shouting at by management regardless of your results. It was a game, they tried to upset you as much as possible and laughed about it afterwards. The customers were beyond belief and pure shits. Things have changed over the last twenty years and I have given up dealing with the public altogether now.
  • StauntonLick
    I second currysbod. It seems people ask quite a lot of minimum wage shop jockeys. The company I work for (part time) is gradually introducing more and more draconian methods to ensure employees are always helping (read: pestering) customers. The only thing they havent tried is actually offering a better wage. I would urge those who look down upon shop workers to be reminded that a lot of them are university students or even graduates (such as myself) unable to find better work at the time. Also, ask yourself - how hard would you work for £5.85 per hour?
  • MagicBoy
    I'm not exactly surprised as I used to work for PCW while at Uni and left around ten years ago when I got a proper job. Management were utterly useless apart from a couple of exceptions, and the culture will always be sales led with insane markups on generic items (printer cables in our day, now I guess it's £80 HDMI cables insulated with unicorn hair). Selling up, extended warranties etc etc etc. If they want to fix the business then scrap sales targets and fire anyone who's a sales manager and upwards. To be fair we got stupid customers, however we used to vent behind closed doors, not on Facebook. Modern technology doesn't filter out the idiots unfortunately. I'll still quite happily shop at DSG, but when the sales minions start the spiel I tell them I used to work there, not to bother and they usually back off. The look on the sales managers face when they explain why I shot them down is usually priceless...
  • fandabydozy
    I am currently employed by dsgi and i am not surprised by some of the comments being left here - StauntonLick has hit the nail right on the head with the line "how hard would you work for £5.85 per hour?" All of the staff in the store are doing their best to meet the sometimes unrealistic demands of certain customers and workload sent down from head office. It is well known that staff are getting irate (although abuse on facebook is hardly the way to go about things) as we have just had our pay effectively cut YET AGAIN, losing any real hope of making a decent wage via bonus unless employed in a very large store. The problem is not that staff are "uneducated" or lazy, it is that they are DEMORALISED. The main issue is that the company seems to employ fresh faced graduates with absolutely no business or customer service experience into its buying, management and support centre positions - almost shooting themselves in the foot from the off. The lack of morale is solely the fault of higher management as the workload is trebled, pay is cut, unrealistic targets are set and the punishments for underperforming are harsh. I could go on all day about the flaws within the company and the complete lack of earth-shatteringly basic services (customer items being delivered into store for example), but i fear i shall run out of web page if i had to list them all. The days of freindly sales assistants are almost coming to a close, as they are being replaced by overworked, stressed, and almost paranoid robots all speaking from the same script. My time with dsgi will soon be ending and i am looking forward to a better, more rewarding future. Customer: Do you have this item in stock Colleague: Ill just check for you Sir/Madamme ..... Colleague: Im sorry but we are out of stock at the moment, the nearest place that has one is... Customer: Oh, ok then - ill have to try somewhere else. Amen.
  • Matt. S.
    Technically both S-ATA drives and P-ATA drives are IDE since IDE just stands for "integrated drive electronics" Jigga-byte is is actually an acceptable although these days rarely used pronunciation of GIGA (Thing back to the future, jigga watts) And just as a mile is always 5280 feet, a gigabyte is always 1000 megabytes... depending on what you're buying, Hard drives are measured in GIGAbytes, memory cards are usually measured in GIBIbytes, but noone actually uses those units not even the companies who make the products, or microsoft when windows reports the size. main i think because geek throughout the world universally agree that the IBI units a stupid, and we were quite happy with the old names meaning power of 2 before they d**ked with it. I doubt any of that was what the customer was asking though, far more likely he was just used to stupid posters designed for people who aren't willing to learn anything which say things like, "good for, 200,000 photos, 4000 hours of music, or 300 hours of video" etc.
  • How #.
    [...] has been voted ‘the worst for computer advice’, and their staff are demoralised enough to post attacks on their customers on social networking sites. I feel sorry for the staff really, their management clearly have no [...]
  • Joff
    I can't help but find it funny that under the topic "stuff that doesnt exist that customers ask for..." (http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=2221583084&topic=9009) DSGi staff deep fat dryers and fridge freezers as some of the hilarious things customers ask for in Currys Digital and PCW. That's the fault of DSGi themselves for damaging their established brands and confusing their customer base. If you want PC components but find TV's and radios in PC World is it any surprise that people assume you also sell white goods? If you rebrand Dixons as Currys Digital, is it any surprise that people see the Currys name and assume they'll find white goods there too? DSGi staff should give their customers some credit for at least bothering to walk through the door and giving them a small chance to earn a sale and maybe offer some job security.
  • Joff
    I should add, that I'm generally a fan of DSGi stores (or at least was a fan), I just don't like what they've become.
  • Narcissus
    It's cool because everyone knows DSGi employees are retards anyway, most of which don't have a clue about many common computing problems, and will try (very hard, to the point of insisting you are wrong) to sell you an ADSL router when you have a cable connection for example. DSGi employees, Retail's hypocrites.
  • The B.
    Obviously I don't get sneered at as I don't shop there, nor anywhere really, just the vagueness of the interweb, if I do need to go instore then I'll ring and reserve and pick it up, although even this taxes staff, I'm thinking specifically of a 30 minute wait whilst 4 Comet staff tried to locate a 1Tb HD drive (on boxing day no less, one of their busiest days of the year and 4 of them are required to find it? Really?). Which realistically invalidates your entire argument, if I wish to buy something of which I have no knowledge I let experts guide me, I’m thinking Which, What, avforums, customer reviews, etc, asking a member of DSGi staff would be right at the bottom of the list as regardless of my personal feelings they’ve never used the product so how would they have a valid opinion? Well done sir, I’ve never met anyone with a degree in Sociology, I always thought that Sociology and Media Studies were something that the Daily Mail had made up so that they could complain about joke degrees, it’s good to know that people that have them are gainfully employed. My assumption that Currys staff work on commission was based on the Facebook group having numerous people complaining about their commission, if I was incorrect in this assumption I do apologise and you are correct they don’t have to tolerate rudeness. I don’t believe that I have ever been rude to any shop staff, in the case of the PC World cables, it was the staff member who was rude to me, shrugging and walking off, at no point did I behave in any manner other than polite. If I wish to be impolite on the internet after the event whilst the person is not around then it’s an entirely different matter, although I would never be as stupid as to give out my personal details and then broadcast it for the entire world to see including my employer. Indeed, the 42" question is ambiguous , however, to hold it up as beacon to prove the stupidity of a customer is far from intelligent as it’s an utterly valid question, if anything it proves exactly what a mindless little twat the assistant is.
  • The B.
    That was a response to currysbod by the way.
  • Currysbad
    @Currysbod Hey real bob - leave curry minge alone. He's "currently setting up his [my] own company" LOL!!!! I wonder how long he's been "doing that". Biggest quotation marks available around that steaming pile of shite. HAHAHAHAHA LOSER
  • WhatTheCurry
    Very interesting reading, helps to understand how employees instores feel about customers. Whats wrong with that? Customers names are not mentioned after all.
  • StauntonLick
    "Hey real bob – leave curry minge alone. He’s “currently setting up his [my] own company” LOL!!!! I wonder how long he’s been “doing that”. Biggest quotation marks available around that steaming pile of shite. HAHAHAHAHA LOSER" Perfect example of the snobbery so many people exhibit towards shop staff!
  • Adam D.
    2nd from last one was me, and I stand by my comment. The guy was a twat.
  • Wise_people_avoid_DSGi
    Very Poor management has lead to a very poor quality of staff! DSGi treat their staff and customers like shit as the norm now, so staff are angry and so are customers! DSGi needs new management and fast!
  • chris
    PC World are the wankers, anybody who does shop with them I feel very sorry for, the savvy people who build their own PC's and buy parts use cheap places like scan.co.uk and overclockers.co.uk or ariapc.co.uk, much cheaper prices and staff are knowledgeable, PC World staff are totally dumb when it comes to anything to do with computers, they overcharge on everything and never stock the decent components that the websites ive mentioned, do yourself a favour, never shop with them, if you don't know about computers chances are you know someone who does, get them to build you a PC, id rather have my teeth pulled out with no Novacaine and my balls continously kicked at the same time than have to enter a PC World store
  • UK1107
    Hi all, from reading this page and being a DSG Employee, i do find that this a load of crap as to how staff would publically take the piss out of customers in full knowing that this can be viewed and that companies are using facebook as a means to rule out future employees. Being a teen and working for the company over the last few years has actually taught me alot while i was at college! and its not minimum wage i get paid a FAIR amount more :) Yeah you get the customers that ask "stupid" questions, but logic would tell you that if your a salesperson, your supposed to help the customer no matter what, not laugh at someone when they ask you how big a 42" Plasma is or whatever, even im not that stupid to know maybe they mean from the frame, hence why we keep tape measures to hand in our tv department, Good customer service is hard to come by, but basing these opinions are not entirley applicable to every DSG employee, ive had many positive feedbacks from customers for my age, and its verified as well! In short, if you cant be asked to deal with customers and the public get the fuck out of this job then, because the customers pay your wages, if they dont buy anything because you treat them with arrogance, then dont expect anything back in return. ITS CALLED DOING YOUR JOB.
  • KPIefpWEH
    I couldn't be arsed and did get out. It's not your job to help the customer. It's your job to sell things to the customer. It's your job to sell 17.5% of the value of the item in accessories such as cables. It's your job to sell WhatEverHappens to 12.5% of your customers. These are your KPIs, although they may differ from branded DSGi branch to branded DSGi branch. The fact that Currys sales couldn't sell is why they took their commission away. Customers where just buying what they wanted without being sold things. This made Currys sales cashiers and not sales, but then the managers always said if you're not making people buy stuff they don't want you're just a cashier. Are you a sales maker or a sales taker? It was all bullshit anyway, and pointless too what with internet shopping now and that.
  • KPIefpWEH
    Amusingly my last OTOM before leaving was 103.1% sales versus target, a margin of 32.5% which was 90.2% versus target but with a WEH strike rate of 5.6% and EFP of 9.4%. My essentials strike rate was 44.3%. So you can see I was skiving until I found another job, lol.
  • TV's B.
    Not that I in any way like Bitterwallet, its funny that the BBC didn't even have the decency to link to the original location - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/8241509.stm Bunch of cunts I say. BW FTW
  • Got B.
    [...] as social media is, there are downsides; there’s the temptation to post messages that should only be said in private and there’s the ease of accidentally registering the same profile name you also use for shady [...]
  • DSGi
    You're all fucking cunt holes
  • Cool W.
    [...] DSGi staff attack customers on Facebook, sleep with them on MySpace | BitterWallet (via feedly) [...]
  • connor
    Hilarious; 1 ) have such a small brain you can't get a better job than sales assistant; 2 ) go work for a company renowned for clueless sales staff; 3 ) prove stupidity further with poor english and misspelling (even of words like 'ignorant' - oh the irony); 4 ) declare your real world identity whilst insulting customers you signed up to serve; 5 ) fail to recognise customers might be feigning stupidity to gain a monetary advantage; 6) compound all this retarded behaviour by claiming it is the rest of the world that is stupid. And no, neither an excess of hair gel, nor foppy emo locks applied to the top of your heads make up for a deficit within. Yes DSGi, your customers are stupid: they'd have to be to seek advice from your sales staff!
  • Facebook B.
    [...] those purporting to work at the likes of PC World and Currys, seem to have missed the point of our exposé of DSGI staff on Facebook; there is absolutely no doubt that some customers are unreasonable, abrasive pains in the backside [...]
  • connor
    StauntonLick says: "I would urge those who look down upon shop workers to be reminded that a lot of them are university students or even graduates (such as myself) unable to find better work at the time. " Fair point, but I'm fed up with supposedly intelligent people taking out their anger on entirely innocent parties. Another year, another rise in GCSE pass rates, another jump in A level grades and another surge in graduates ... and, guess what, another leap in university applicants, student debt and graduates in McJobs. If all you kids really are as intelligent as exam results suggest, how come you haven't figured out the government con-trick you and your parents all walked into? So you have a degree but can't get a proper job. Doesn't that tell you something? If your boss made you sales director of the memory stick shelf whilst taking £20k off you and not noticeably increasing your authority, would you be happy? If not, why be happy to accept the increasingly dubious qualification many so-called 'universities' laughably call a 'degree' if it offers no benefits and merely lands you in debt? And if you aren't happy, why take it out on customers? Why defend the qualifications you have instead of exposing them for the sham they are? Why get your face on BBC Question Time only to ask the same tired old global warming questions? You've been sold a pup: your degree is worthless. Stop bitching at customers and march on London. Or maybe you prefer to just rack up more debt to help government GDP figures and spend the rest of your days rotting in a retail park outlet without any meaningful chance of home ownership.
  • Mark S.
    M&S staff are on facebook doing the same and slagging off other staff.
  • Paul S.
    Post a link and we'll have a look.
  • Pete U.
    KPIefpWEH I think your attitude sums up exactly why I find most sales staff so irritating. I don't care what your wage is, what your boss says, what your personal problems are, or anything else. I am a customer, my cash pays your wage and I expect decent service. As far as I'm concerned you are Dixons in that shop. If you don't like that: tough. I know i will be ripped off airside, but that doesn't make it any more morally acceptable or pleasant for me, particularly when most shops are plastered with signs trying to persuade me that the goods are cheaper there than on the high street. In other words, lying. “Is this travel plug adaptor three times the price than on the high street because you are airside at an airport, the only place that sells them in the departure lounge and I can’t buy it anywhere else?”. Let's just rip the fucking customer off, eh? “Why are all your Apple Ipods only shown as being in bundles with really expensive accessories? Can I buy it on it’s own at the very cheap price there are sold for in airside DTFs?” (Answer – If you look gullible, “No, they only are available in bundles.” or if you look like you can spell Trading Standards or look like a travelling DSGi or Apple exec, “Yes, you can buy them solus – Look the solus price is on the back of the ticket, someone must have turned it round by mistake.” Let's waste the customer's time. By the way, "it's" doesn't have an apostrophe. Most plurals don't need apostrophes. You can't punctuate, so you are in no position to comment on your customers' spelling. Solus is your jargon: keep it to yourself. “Why are your memory cards upto ten times the price they are sold for anywhere else, even within the departure lounge where Boots sell them by the suntan lotion?” So you can rip us off. How do you think that makes us feel. We may be forgetful and perfect, but i bet you are too. “Do I need WhatEverHappens on a solid state sub-£30 Ipod Shuffle?” “These Apple MacBooks are really cheap aren’t they? No I won’t have any accessories. What do you mean there aren’t any in the stock room? What do you mean you don’t sell the display model?” Let's REALLY waste the customer's time displaying products we don't sell. “Can you stop repeatedly offering me countless accessories and WEH?” (Answer – “No I can’t”) Why no?. Answer "yes I can, but I'm a persistent, annoying shit and I don't care". So you're a graduate, doing the job because it suits you. You are betraying your real thoughts. You say you're fed up with customers thinking they're better than you. Actually, I suspect you think you're better than all your customers. End of rant. If you don't like the job, then sod off and do something else, but don't make my day more irritating than it already will be in an airport.
  • @ Posted by DSGi | September 7th, 2009 at 7:07 pm: You’re all fucking cunt holes It's better than fucking ass holes I find.
  • Andrew
    I figured pretty much every company would have a Facebook group like this, though you'd at least expect them to keep it private if they're posting under their real names. I used to work for a small chain grocery store, you don't go home and talk about the decent customers, you go home and talk about the skinny Daily Mail reading bitch with two out of control kids who only came in to buy a loaf of bread and still complains that we're more expensive than Asda.
  • Jeff S.
    How ironic that retards who didnt work hard at school and left with minimal qualifications and as a result end up in dead end jobs have the audacity to badmouth customers! You couldnt make it up
  • DSGi
    @[email protected] I've never done it you massive lump of gay turd
  • KPIefpWEH
    @Pete UK Clues like phrases like "former colleagues" might suggest to you that I have left DSGi... Oh, and me saying in later posts how I've left DSGi. I am not a graduate but I am now trying to return to education. DSGi disgusted me, sense the tone. I have abandoned your Rat Race... What with staff like them and customers like you... you're not the freshest sandwich in someone's picnic basket are you, bless. You're the people that put up with this shit, I've made a stand and taken the high road and feel morally superior. Bow to me...
  • yeah
    facebook group seems to have gone now...
  • moocow
    funny that for years, sweeping statements about dsgi employees being 'retards' and the company 'being shit' etc have swept the internet, yet as soon as some dsgi employees retaliate on facebook with a few home truths and a bit of shop floor banter, the shit hits the fan and everyone jumps around at the disgrace they've caused. you reap what you sow fuckers. I've worked for PCWorld for over 8 years.. have played around with PCs for 25 or more so I got most things covered if asked a technical question. However with several thousand products carried, we're never going to know everything about every product we sell, but I'll damn well find the answer if I don't know it already for you. I have an extremely loyal customer base, who i respect, and they respect me. I work hard for them, I get things right, and they trust my judgement. They come back to me time and time again and won't allow colleagues near them as they are so loyal. Its all about building a relationship. I resent being label as a retard just as you customers do but we've had it for years so you should expect some back. I've had my share of less intelligent customers over the years and I've had my share of very intelligent ones. I've been asked ridiculous questions, I sold Antivirus to someone that went home, put the box on the shelf and thought that would protect their machine. Fact. Yes some customers are 'stupid', as are some employees. Some people REALLY should not have computers, really. Just like some people shouldnt have cars and guns. However not every customer is a dolt and the same is true of staff. I could earn more if I looked elsewhere, and have been asked more than once by customers if I was interested in moving, but I actually enjoy my job for what it is, I like the challenge, and I like 95% of my customers. However, you piss me off, you'll only do it once.
  • Inspector G.
    @ Jeff and others To label people stupid for the sole reason they work for DSGI (or even retail as you seem to be implying) is utterly unfair. Some people are risk adverse and with good reason. Getting a well paid job comes with significant risk yet working in retail is pretty secure. You know that on the last Friday of the month you will get paid, and you will be paid the amount in your contract. Secondly people choose to work in retail because of the long hours that the outlet operates. This allows flexibility for its employees, either around college or kids' commitments. Thirdly to label DSGI "deadend" is also wrong. There are genuine career paths open to employees looking for a retail career. Shops need managers, and managers need to come from somewhere.
  • Social r.
    [...] people are disaffected staff, the impact on organisational reputation can be huge – check out this example in the private [...]
  • hamzah
    Well its very pathetic what people write about DSGI at the moment have you thought the stores and the staff who work there. They probably get paid like 4.00 per hour and have to do all sorts. The store looks messy staff look sad and dont want to work... Long hours i geussss and then they have to sell shite.. Well it will come ahead and i bet u any money that one day the truth behind the inside stories will come out and has come out. Its for the good the firm may wake up and re think what it does and how it serves its customers. Often management are too narrow minded to see what cusotmers want and how they want to get a overall better expereicnce of shopping. More new stuff to come out i bet maybe reagrding staff working longer hours not getting paid over time disaplincary issues lack of training cleaning toilets polishing shit etc.. health and safety does not have any meaning at DSGI they dont give a fuck. They need to stop people who work nagging questions to ask customers which i have heard before its not good i hear its called FIVES not good at all i tell u its more like infant type talk rather than adult talk. Y treat the sales person like a zombie and not a human person its hard to understand but then again at 4.00 per hour what you expect GOLD service sadly not. You may recieve Plannnet Mars type service or maybe totally bad service which is what this firm is known for.
  • Laz
    Truthfully, most of the public are retards, and having to deal with them on a regular basis, even I vent my anger on a blog site by calling them retards and noting every stupid act that they do. I do always tell the truth though about their stupid acts. We have freedom of speech, and I for one am always professional at work no matter how annoying someone is, but as soon as I leave work that is that, I then tell people, make and write down comments about the days retards. I think the only people really complaining about the comments, are the people that have made fools of themselves at DSGI or any other store themselves. It is wrong to say that it is unprofessional as work is work and outside of work is a persons private life where he/she can do what ever they want... or are we living in such a society that denies us the most basic freedoms?
  • Dave K.
    I left DSGi because of the new "bonus" structure and FIVES. There was only so much I could take.... the pay was pathetic and yet you where expected to do so much. No other job in retail expects so much from employees on a basic wage. Staff are clueless because they are not properly trained. The company puts more emphysis on the FIVES system instead of delivering reliable and useful information on products.....just like to add: FAILURE TO USE FIVES WILL RESULT IN DISCIPLINARY ACTION BEING TAKEN. The truth is DSGi are trying to improve the standards but they are going about it the wrong way! They spend ££££££ on new stores (strategically located in locations where Best Buy are planning on locating), Uniforms and Training Programs all in preparation for Best Buy's arrival in the UK. Next time you walk into a Currys or PC World branch watch how they have been poorly programmed like their Eclipse system. Its not just the stores either...The poor old TechGuys ones get a hell of a time as well! Very much doubt Best Buy sack their employee's for failing to meet CPR Targets. Dave
  • PhilT
    Having shopped a few times in Best buy in the States, and discussed them with an American friend, you can take it from me that Best Buy are the DSGi of the USA and I wouldn't be expecting anything better if/when they come here. It could be a clone of a DSGi business. You have to laugh at the DSGi emphasis on "accessories" - try purchasing a single stick of RAM (£11) via PC World web site and you'll be offered the following "Must have accessories..." Belkin surge protector External DVD RW drive The Tech Guys PC Health Check In Home Service - £88 The Tech Guys Upgrade In Home Installation Service - £88 Earlier in the year I ordered a well priced PC/monitor bundle via Collect @ Store. Inevitably the order wasn't picked when I tuned up at 7.15pm (having ordered midday) so I grabbed a trolley, found the PC and the monitor after checking the SKUs etc then went to the checkout. You should have seen the panic on the guys face - "Have you seen anyone ?" "you can't just buy a computer" "I'm going to find the manager". 10 minutes later I left sans accessories with what I went for, but it was tough.
  • DSGi B.
    [...] list as a source of free-thinking humanitarians, but you’d be surprised. In September we revealed what PC World and Currys staff really thought of their customers by reporting on a Facebook group of over 3,000 members, including many current employees. The media [...]
  • MrInvisible
    I've worked for the DSGi group before, and let me tell you that the people there are the worst you're ever likely to work for. Snobby managers, Uptight assitants. The customers, even the angry ones, were easier to work with and talk to than the employee's themselves. In the end, it was a customer, who told me her daughter was in a similar situation, that made me finally decide to give DSGi the boot for good. Considering it was my first job, i left hoping that my future employers weren't so "dedicated only to themselves" so to speak. When i couldn't hold up my hours when i was ill or had GCSE exams (of which, they only allowed me to work for a few hours per week), the manager refused to give me more hours, failing to see that when i was ill, it wouldn't look quite as bad because i'd have worked more hours. Most of the other managers at the same store had a similar attitude, with only 1 or 2 of them actually being approachable and friendly and caring for more than just making a sale. Unfortunately, shortly after i arrived, one left (retired i think), and around 6 months later, i couldn't find the other one anywhere, so i assume they left as well. It doesn't really surprise me though. In closing, it left a rather bitter taste in my mouth, and i still regret working for them for more than a year. My advice to anyone thinking of working for them is "Don't". Try and find a company that will care about you, one that cares about the customers and not just about making another few pounds in commision, regardless of how it's done.
  • mr h.
    what SO very very funny is that 99% of PC WORLD staff are retards themselves, most have no understanding towards computer repairs / software install, network configuration. most have little experience except in games world which is all make belief. Pretty sure the salisbury PC world is one of the worse filled with retards and thick drop outs
  • Personal d.
    [...] the horror stories, Virgin Atlantic sacking staff for comments made on Facebook but Tesco and DSGi have had similar issues, and this story went viral brilliantly back in 2008, so, today most people [...]
  • unpregnated o.
    I like eggs...
  • unborn f.
    mee too!!! p.s Chocolate Milk!!! <3 <3
  • The T.
    [...] DSGi Group Published February 23, 2010 Uncategorized Leave a Comment I was shocked to find this article when I Googled the DSGi Group who are the parent company for PC World and Curry’s. Once this [...]
  • Facebook B.
    [...] your toe in the world of social media – you either do it or you don’t. DSGi have suffered at the hands of Facebook in the past, although it was admittedly at the hands of their staff. Now they’re trying to embrace the [...]
  • lose p.
    Interesting article I totally agree with the comments above. Keep us posting.
  • how m.
    I have to admit - the first one honestly made me laugh. Some people just want to argue for some social interaction. The staff were pretty daft to complain on a public medium but staff everywhere complain about customers - let's face it, these guys just got caught doing it.
  • blog d.
    [...] L’affaire a fait grand bruit : certains salariés de DSGi, qui gère notamment PC World, se sont répandus en propos peu amènes sur leurs clients. Cela n’aurait pas prêté à conséquences si les propos en question n’avaient pas été tenus sur Facebook. Du coup, certains consommateurs mécontents d’une attitude aussi désinvolte ont annoncé leur intention de ne plus acheter les produits de l’entreprise. [...]
  • robot m.
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  • Jaymie
    Look I worked for Currys Digital for 3 years and then at PC World for 3 months straight after the other whilst doing my A-Levels and my Degree...just to prove not all the employees are spastics. Further to this I can of assure you all I met some amazing people whilst working there and both stores offer quite a bit more than minimum wage and most the employees are students. It's a hard job with very hard targets and some of the customers are horrific. My first store I was lucky enough to have a good management team above me...at Pc World however - and I will say this publicly and proudly - my manager was a TOSSER, hence I have now quit. Nonetheless your comments appal me. I disagree with most of their stupid rules and targets but you can't blame the staff for everything - it has nothing to do with job dissatisfaction or with the lack of money it's to do with being put in an awkward position where helping a customer can potentially lose you your job. We have to sell the customer every essential we can even though we recognise that they dont need them and we can't offer them honest advice because when we advise customers we have certain products we need to sell and certain ones we dont. Actually helping the customers isn't really in our job description unfortunately and I'll give the classic excuse that we dont make the rules. I empathise with the comments those employees made customers are hard on the staff all the time and most of the time they are clueless idiots as are the monkeys in head office. As i said, thankfully i've quit. Worst job in the world.
  • SpassyMcGee
    It's funny, I can relate to so much of what's been posted above here, as i have worked with DSGi for three years on and off. Everybody above has a point in a way - from those who have never worked in retail to those who used retail as a safe haven to support their educational progression - all the way through to those who think if you work at DSGi you're a life failure. Following on this point, there are no absolutes - I know people in my megastore who are consistantly poor at their jobs and keep them, with some customers giving good feedback and some giving (correctly) poor feedback. Yet there are some who are consistantly good at their jovs I consider myself one of the best people on the shop floor for satisfying customers - and that's exactly what I look for when I shop in retail (to those who don't go to shops anymore - fair enough - but my girlfriend likes to look at items in the flesh, so it does still happen in my life!) but according to DSGI I have 'a lot of room for improvement.' I'm educated to A level and left uni for very personal reasons and still struggle to have a company like DSGi tell me where they think my flaws lie. These criticisms are based on giving a service which is worse than the service I'd give off of my own initiative - but would sell more Key Performance Indicators for them. Security is the main reason I work for DSGi, for the last year I've been planning on leaving the area I work in - the area I originally came to study for and so staying in this job was just to pay the bills between now and when I leave. The general public is both satisfying and infuriating in different measures. The customers I serve respect my knowledge base and respect me more if I pass them on to someone who knows more than me - but I will always get at least one person a day who can only be described as aggressive - looking for a rise by insulting my position, my knowledge or some retail related shight like the price of the product vs a website - and yes, that's where it can almost bring on depression - you leave the conversation with eight more hours of that ahead and simply ask - why am doing this? I worked at Hutchinson 3G - the phone shop - for a small stint, and the manager there was the worst bully I'd ever met, drove me out fo the company within three months but the money was twice DSGIs wage - despite that, it put the working conditions of DSGi into perspective. So to sum up I have felt undervalued (all the time) by DSGi and some of it's customers, and I reaslise now that the price of having an extremely secure but incredibly under-rewarding job is a shight hourly wage and a feeling that your life is going nowhere. However, DSGi can still be recommended by anyone who wants an easy job for the area they live in for a short period of time - I just don't know how I'd have coped these past few years if I knew I'd have to make a career out of it.
  • sam
    i hate pc world. I always try to go and buy in pc world oxford, but few times walking with my girlfriend we ended up having a big fight because of two sales assistance people who started chatting with her and even asked-one even offered her-the phone number....two where fat , short and ugly and to make a ballance one is white and the other asian... i cant believe it , and when i asked to complain to a manager, i got a tall guy with glasses that was checking my girl rather taking notes of my complain... no more..not going back there....
  • Sales E.
    Not everyone who works at DSGI know sod all. I got made redundent from my last job as a systems admin and I am a certified Cisco Sales Expert / Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. I workat PC World has I have an IT background and needed a job and have to say I really do enjoy retail and offer the best customer service I can offer because I like to treat people the way I like to be treated and I wish more people could be like this. There are some idiots who work at DSGI but that's the same at Comet, M&S, GAP, everywhere, you always get them but you do get some very good sales people in these stores. A Career at DSGI is possible, we're not all minimum wage robots and spotty cocky teens as I am an example of great customer service and hard work. My hourly rate went from £6.10 to £10.15 in 2 years and now enjoying SIM. It's not all dead end jobs at DSGI, you just gotta work hard.
  • Andy
    I currently work at Currys/pc world and feel quite insulted by some comments. I got the job whilst at university but because of the state of the job landscape in engineering. It's a difficult job with the ever changing management, I started in warehouse but told after 2 years I needed to move to sales due to cuts in support roles, I then asked for a transfer because one bank holiday my manager decided to install office and norton on all the lead deal laptops and told us customers could only by them with the extra £90 for the programs plus an extra £20 for software instalation. I can say after leaving there nearly all the staff I worked with have either quit or transferred. It is a tough job with all the targets that are needed to be met. Since transferring I'm now a merchandiser with more career progression in front of me. It's not what I want to be doing but it's better than no job. I have to agree that some staff are idiots and I wonder sometimes how they dress themselves in the morning, but there are alot of good people who want to help and do help as much as they can. The company has come along way since this was reported two years ago but we do still have some of these types of cretins who work for us (mostly students who think once they pass they can instantly get a new job)
  • Sam
    I worked in a Currys Digital store for over a year and it requires intelligence, stamina and creativity - rather then simply remembering how to punch data into a chart, sitting at a desk. Customers on a daily basis will ask questions such as 'at what speed will the processor run when loading X product with Y software on this laptop' what is the main differences between X and Y products that are different brands and run different programs on them. Customers want to know what you would choose and why, and this requires passion in the products we sell. Employees at DSGi do NOT work for commission and do NOT get personal bonuses for their work. Yes there is targets but what company doesn't have targets. We are given pressure on us from the managers to make sure every customer is to be seen (for their benefit of knowledge) and that every accessory is offered - so a customer goes home with everything they need to set up their new product. And yeah its you the customers that are silly thinking coming in buying a new HDTV without the relevant cable is dandy when actually its going to give you possible a worse picture than your 10 year old set. Let us give you the information that we are TRAINED to give you. About 'slating' customers on facebook its not to do with us directly being from currys. Someone working in a clothes store would think a customer is difficult by saying ''if i buy this top are these jeans half price??'' no. they're not. and thats the customers we sometimes get. the price of the product is the price it clearly shows on the label - we're not the people that make those prices so don't moan to us about them. Plus currys/PCW offer to price match plus 10% of the difference so dont come in saying 'X store has it for this much!' yeah then we'll make it cheaper . we cant match online prices if youve got a problem buy it online. i worked for my customers and enjoyed being with them until the ones that were anal about the things we cant help.
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  • Icanusebigwordsto
    @Posted by Pete UK • September 8, 2009 at 12:06 pm KPIefpWEH Hey, I work in a Dixons Travel and I don't know which branch you went into, but I can honestly tell you 100% that ripping off does not happen in ours. We always try to find the right solution for every customer. None of our products are package deals and they can all be purchased "solus". We dont care if you buy nothing at all, or you buy everything in the shop. Its great to hit targets, yes, however it is better to see customers return. If I ripped you off, would you come back to the store? Probably not. If I gave you great advice that allowed you to find the product that suits your needs best, then I think you would feel more valued as a customer and want to come back. I'm not saying this is the case for every store. In our store though, we do genuinely look after the people that walk through the door, and if I didn't think I would get in trouble for posting this, then I would feel you up with reviews and stories about specific customers. I have been a team leader in this store now for over a year, and I think I have only had one customer complaint where they were mis-sold a product which I can take full responsibility for as I was unsure on which memory card went into a Samsung Galaxy Tab and it was in my first week. As for the prices, we are cheaper than lots of places. Cameras, Computers and Hardware is remarkably cheaper. Our prices can be a bit high on accessories, however I bet you can't find the exact brand or model that you see in the store, and this is to make sure your getting the best quality product in that price range and making the biggest saving from the airport discount. I hope you find solace in my home truths and I hope that the next time you fly through the airport, you take the time to speak to one of the guys or girls. Test them a little bit. We do know what we're selling. One Love
  • Truthy
    As of july 2011 we dsgi employees will get paid an extra amount of money on top of our wage depending on customer service. yes. not sales. customers get surveyed at the exit and if the overall score that month is 95 oercent. Then i get 8 pounds an hour instead of 7. surely that is a good incentive to keep our customers happy with their experience. yet we do still get a bonus like 2percent of our profit margin back in our pay. my freind who works at best buy earns no bonus and has virtually no sales targets or pressure and he admits it gives him little interest in actively engaging with customers as i do. its as if some customers especially.ones on here who tarnish us with the same.brush want us to bend over backwards for them whilst ignoring our managers pressure for targets yet still earn a quarter of what they perhaps.do...if any thing it is sometimes but not.always middle.classed.middle minded.social.elitists who are derogatory and.impatient.towards us because they believe they are better. for instance yesterday i said. hi there sir how is your laptop search going so far. he barkedback im fine ill summon you when i need help, that is if you know what your talking about. no wonder.people want.to vent theit.anger..
  • FFBstools
    This is my first time i visit here. I found so many entertaining stuff, especially its discussion.
  • MaxKPI
    CA's don't get paid enough money to be abused and bullied by customers and the AM's. You can say "go get another job" but getting something that doesn't pay bang on minimum wage is hard to get. The AMs get 10K more than a full time CA and in my store the AM will stand in front of the slogger for the length of his shift drinking tea and making you feel shit that you didn't get WEH. The only time I see an AM move is to go make a cup of tea and if we get a customer issue they will try and get a CA to deal with it or quickly make themselves busy to avoid contact with an issue. Life as an AM is pretty cushty and a CA should be on at leat £8 p/h for the work and crap we have to deal with.
  • John r.
    Not all customers are like that but I can understand people needing to vent. You work for minimum wage, getting managers riding you for WEH, Knowhow, Office etc and then you get some ar*eho*e f*ckwit who thinks they know everything and have the right to treat you like sh*t it's no wonder people need to vent. Frankly I'd say about 1/3 of Dixons customers are w*nkers, 1/6th are desperate to get something ASAP and the 1/2 know nothing but at least realise it. AN Other KnowHow "Expert" (IE I have to do the role of an Expert, 1:1s, keyholder etc but only paid as a specialist)
  • Raymon Z.
    this temeplate is old skool bro takes about 10 hours to load
  • Not B.
    Accidentally happened onto this link and found myself amused by all all the comments. Found it to be a little same/same as with everything coming from kick-back from people. As humans we all need to 'vent' in some form or another. Staff or customers alike. We're no different. It's even standard in call centers for workers to have a 'De-stress' room in most cases these days. So with the internet being THE biggest social media link line of communication who doesn't or even hasn't typed a few words to let off steam. Media sites like Face Book provide such easy means to do so. Yes I agree that maybe working for a company, then somewhat slandering elements of it in full view might throw up some blow-back on doing so. But as humans we cant be 'professional at all times', we cant operate working 24/7 and we can make mistakes (it's called human error). I admit, I work for some element of Dixons. In retail. With customers, with sales staff and targets. I would be lying if I said that I've never had difficult customers or situations in the years that I've worked in retail. It's all just down to a certain level of respect. I respect the customers I am dealt, hopefully they will respect myself and the company, who in turns respects me as a valuable asset. And No, I'm not 'Brain-washed' (worked for other company's). I have been educated (two degrees) and find retail a stead job to learn from, and finally i'm generally the go-to-guy for any tech Q & A's.

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