DSGi employees face up to Facebook again

19 October 2009

DSGi would rarely top anyone's list as a source of free-thinking humanitarians, but you'd be surprised. In September we revealed what PC World and Currys staff really thought of their customers by reporting on a Facebook group of over 3,000 members, including many current employees. The media caught hold of our coverage,  several dozen employees shat their pants, and the group sank without trace into the digital mire.

Now there's an attempt to ressurect the group, although this time they're going about it in a very different manner:


The group is called Disgruntled DSGi Employees, and was originally set up by a member of staff and two former employee. Unsurprisingly, given the title and intentions of the group, the staff member involved has disappeared from the group in the past 24 hours, along with all their posts, after "someone threatened him with dismissal from the company if he did not leave the group". This upset one of the other founders - seemingly a former employee with a whole lot less to lose - has decided what DSGi really need to consider is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Hence a yawningly long post describing how exactly man's right to free speech intersects with a teenager's considered opinion on selling dishwashers:

"In conclusion, the UDoHR is far more important than some contract that says you will not use social media to bad mouth the company which is apparently "legally binding". Well here's one for you, if you enforce this and dismiss/discipline people for speaking their mind, you have JUST broken international law!!"

If only the universal Declaration of Human Rights paid your wages, eh? Fortunately it seems that most members of staff have wised up to the fact that they're very much entitled to their opinion, but publishing it for the world to read is what really pisses off the people who employ them. The group currently has nine members.


  • Will
  • The B.
    What a twat, publicly badmouthing your company and it's customers is gross misconduct, they're not saying you can't say it, just that if you do say it expect to get the boot for gross misconduct. Prick.
  • Pravin
    You do not bite the hand that feeds you!!!!
  • fullmoon
    I used to work for PC World which is part of DSGi Company group. I m telling you now. I never ever want to go back there. Everything can be misconduct. Managers have terrible attitudes. Every branch is more or less the same. You always have to fight for even something you are entitled to get. Good people don't work there.
  • Danny
    Very well said "Fullmoon" i couldnt agree with you more. Most PC World, Currys and Techguys managers are a bunch of self centred, self grandiose, self gratifying, self serving, egocentric, megalomanic, synthetic, sycophantic ( to their superiors ) bullying ( to their plebs ) arrogant, insensitive, greedy and shallow little shits. Only turn up for the money, follow a script, delegate all of the "real work" then spend the rest of the day out of sight hidden in the office chatting on the phone with other idle branch managers when not dragging some victimised sales person over red hot coals for "underperforming" then they go home feeling chuffed with themselves ? I wouldnt be surprised to learn they are all closet BNP members who secretly don replica Nazi SS uniforms to whip their WAGS in bed whilst drooling at that photo of Irma Grese on the bedroom wall.
  • Dodgy A.
    well said danny boy.
  • Wise_people_avoid_DSGi
    Yes Danny is right, I was shown the door and kicked through it for not bullying but supporting people who worked in the team. I had a big issue with Fives, people who can sell can sell and dont need to become DSGI robots & people who cant sell should be in another area of the store, maybe in the warehouse. I would have rather have moved good workers who could not sell into another role within the company than try to turn them into Fives Robots or sack them! So clearly I was not going to keep my SFM job when I was told to reapply for it! It was a good thing for me as I was starting to not like myself because of how I was told and expected to treat other team members. I have always beleived a good team works together to make a life good for the whole team and not just the managers!
  • hee h.
    I'm actually surprised that no one has admitted the fact that Fives is merely a way of getting rid of staff that don't or didn't do their job properly. A clever way of dealing with staff that refuse to change with the times or can't be trained at all. Although fives has its benefits, it's a tool that is there to help people that have an IQ higher than that of a house brick and actually want to keep their jobs to remember that the item requested is sometimes not the only item that is needed. It is not designed however to piss your guest off, or force them hypnotically to buy stuff they never wanted. The staff that are publicly slagging off customers on social networking sites with their real names are morons pure and simple. Keep it in the staff room, but never ever let someone hear you or be able to read comments like that. Don't forget, customers that don't know what they're talking about are the ones that need the most help, so why didn't they leave 'knowing' rather than 'not'? I have a giggle about our guests who clearly haven't got a clue, but I go out of my way to show them what is needed, why they need it and tell them who I am so they can come back at their convenience and be pointed in the direction of the nearest purple-shirt. Sounds to me like if you have the opportunity to show the customer where they went wrong, or put them right in their miss-thoughts, you might have actually sold something, or at least shown them that you do actually know what you're talking about.
  • Staff r.
    @hee hee. hee. hee. I see your mind has been programmed, conditioned and brainwashed, as you use the "guest" terminology - just like a FIVES Cyborg. You obviously have not read or experienced the reality of the previous Bitterwallet thread: http://www.bitterwallet.com/its-fives-way-or-the-high-way-at-pc-world-and-currys/17359 Yes, FIVES "should" be just a tool. But, no, FIVES is a rigid set of ridiculous questions that MUST ALL be asked, or you WILL lose your job (after a couple of soul-destroying warnings). If you do not ask ALL of the following questions to EVERY customer, then you WILL be fired... "What brings you to PC World today?" - It's blatantly obvious that a customer staring at laptops wants a laptop. This question will make you look like a complete prat. "Are you a Whatever Happens customer?" and "Remind me to talk to about it later" - This question will also make you look like a complete prat, and will make the customer think he has definitely come to the wrong place. "Are thinking of paying by monthly amounts or cash?" - They don't even know what they're buying yet! So, now the customer gets annoyed and says "Can't you just tell me about this laptop?" "Why were you looking to purchase the item?" - That is none of my business! I will skip the next 20 (yes there are 20) ridiculous questions that MUST ALL be remembered and put to EVERY customer... "Are you happy?" - Yes, you can lose your job if you happen to forget this question. It's hard to imagine any customer being happy after being exposed to the endless barrage of FIVES questions. "Hand any Documentation with 2 hands." - This is just to confirm to the customer that you are a pleb with no mind of your own. Bear in mind that during this whole process the customer has watched you slap yourself repeatedly in masochistic pleasure with your pathetic rubber wrist-band, because you used the word "but", "however", or "unfortunately". Do you think he will coming back? I don't.

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