Dragons Den's Love Da Popcorn use London riots for marketing purposes

Did you see Dragon's Den that featured Love Da Popcorn? If you need reminding, they were three berks in stupid clothes who looked like Mumford & Sons spliced together with Christian children's entertainers. They got some money from one of the Dragons (who cares which one?) and everything is just ticketyboo.
LoveDaPopcorn riots

However, ill-advisedly, they've decided to use the riots in London in an attempt to market themselves, which seems a little crass as there's a whole bunch of businesses that have been levelled in fires. There's nothing like using a serious situation to peddle your awful selves is there?

Maybe we'll see a tweet where one of them cries about his bowler hat being set alight and bricked with some amusing hashtag? Pricks.



  • NotOutRioting
    It's clearly a joke, not some grand crude marketing scheme. But this is 2011 and during these harsh times it seems that jokes are lost on everyone.
  • Jah
    Oh the hypocrisy. Its fine for some upstart berks to peddle there at-best-mediocre web blog with crass comments about the riots, but if anyone else tries it there is ridicule....
  • Andrew B.
    Great to see my pic here!!
  • Corrosive S.
    Microsoft Tweeted something along the lines of: "Celebrate Amy Winehouse's life buying buying here album via your X-Box" (the day of her death) Cashing in on a death, pretty low... But trying to bring light to a heavy situation. That's kinda alright in my books! But I did lol @ the Mumford and Sons comment!!
  • Firegirl
    ...and @rightmove posted this little gem: "Are the riots affecting where you live? What do you think will happen to house prices in these areas?”
  • me
    @ Firegirl But those are actually very valid points!

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