Dragon's Den's Duncan Bannatyne offers £50,000 for you to break a man's arms

Want to earn yourself a quick £50,000? Become Duncan Bannatyne's hired vigilante and break the arms of the Russian man threatening his daughter, and the money is yours.

It's not one of the most legitimate ways we've seen of earning money, but it's true - Dragon's Den star Duncan Bannatyne is offering to pay £25,000 for information on the Twitter user threatening his daughter, and will double it if they break both their arms.

The threats from a Twitter user called Yuri Vasilyev began yesterday, with demands of £35,000 to "save @HollieNicole85". The threat stated: "We are the men of Belarus. We do not give up. We will stand tall. Give us £35,000."

Bitterwallet - Twitter user threatens Holly Bannatyne

Duncan Bannatyne responded on Twitter with:

Bitterwallet - Dragon Den's Duncan Bannatyne threatens man on Twitter

Bannatyne has since revised his offer to £30,000 for information, prompting other Twitter users to jump to Bannatyne's aid, by linking details from the email address given to individuals on Live Journal and Facebook. They may be chasing the wrong man, but that's not stopping Bannatyne throw his weight and his money around.


  • Gordon
    I completely agree with him. If someone threatens those you love then you do what it takes to protect them!
  • Eric
    I dont like you Duncan and I also dont like your daughter. For that reason, Duncan, i'm out.
  • Dick
    So if I change my name to Yuri Vasilyev and break both my arms will I get £50K?
  • Deborah M.
    I have no opinion on this article, and for that reason, I'm out.
  • darren
    he's turned into Mel Gibson in Ransom.
  • Duncan M.
    Ahma call a coupla hard, heavy-hittin' schemeys, who'll go to toon on the bawbag here with a boattle and a steaky. Ye hear me spakin Teuchter? Ahm no finished with ye by a damn sight. Ahm gonnae git Arbrothian on yer erse pal.
  • BBC M.
    [...] This concerns the story of a threat made on Twitter to Dragons’ Den investor Duncan Bannatyne.  A Twitter user sent tweets to Bannatyne making threats to harm his daughter unless the multi millionaire paid out £35,000.  An understandably upset and angry Bannatyne responded to all his followers with the tweet shown below (hat tip and story: Bitterwallet): [...]
  • Fitz666
    Once a ganster......
    *Picks up fone* "'ey Tony... yea it's me... we're on. Get Vinnie & Toto, and get em to meet us outside Ed's bar. Yea. Bring the tools. And the bags. Ciao"

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