Don’t mess with Amy’s Baking Company, b*tches

When you’ve been humiliated on Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares and accused of stealing your staff’s tips on national TV, what do you do? Quietly hang up the Closed sign and get the hell out of there?

Not if you’re Amy Bouzgalo, owner of Amy’s Baking Company in Pheonix, Arizona! Gordon Ramsay tore her crappy restaurant a new one, and now the show has gone out, she's getting more abuse on Reddit. Now she’s FURIOUS with what she called ‘The Reddits.’

Amy previously went completely mental when a customer gave her business one star on Yelp, so much so she even made the local news. Now she’s brought out the big guns.

Amy’s Baking Company’s Facebook page is a hilarious screed of foul mouth rants against Reddit and every human being on earth, with extreme mentions of the f-word and God. The comments are even funnier. So put the kettle on and spend a happy few moments scrolling her bile ridden status updates...

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Bon appetit!



  • Michael J.
    Christ. Can't defend Amy's behaviour either on FB or on Ramsay's show, but she seriously needs help. It's very difficult watching somebody behave like that when you've experienced it with other people harbouring similar issues. The other bloke on there could do with anger management therapy too. It's quite noble of Ramsay to have walked away, recognising there was nothing he could do to help those people.
  • jt
    Is "Pheonix, Arizona" anywhere near Phoenix, Arizona?
  • Marky M.
    It wasn't Pheonix or Phoenix, it was Scottsdale. I watched this programme at the weekend, and that couple are both completely unhinged. Like they need serious medication. It was brilliant, if disturbing, TV - but if that's what a spell in prison does to people, I'm staying the hell out.
  • LancerVancer
    OH COME ON...... You know you read that in Gordon's voice. Flex an shiz.
  • Mike O.
    Apparently her farcebook account was hacked. Or was it?
  • shiftynifty
    Her site was hacked as well...
  • Cheesey
    She's so utterly psycho, that's she's HOT! I expected her to stab someone.
  • Texi
    To be a chef you'd need to have some talent, let alone have the ability to learn how to cook and make mistakes. None of the above would appear to apply to this bimbo and wannabe gangster hubby.

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