Do you have Facebook fatigue?

15 January 2013

If Twitter is a ranty 6th form common room filled with ranting, ravings and disappointing lunches, then Facebook is a gentle WI meeting where people slowly react to things and spend half their time showing off photos of their children and pets.

With Facebook, the constant trickle of meandering thoughts, constant arguments about personal privacy and those awful sites that force you to log into Facebook to read and comment, there's a huge amount of ill feeling toward the social network. Half the time, the feeling isn't strong enough to delete your account because of all those pictures you like gawping at.

That said, there's growing restlessness about Facebook, and according to reports, it is losing 600,000 users per month. It seems Facebook Fatigue has truly kicked in.

Of course, it goes without saying that Facebook is still the most popular social media platform in the UK by some distance, but could that be about to change? There's similar figures of people leaving FB in the States and Canada too. Continual bad press isn't helping the brand either.

The Instagram takeover and the spat over photo ownership gave Zuckerberg's company and even worse name, and as mentioned earlier, there's a steady stream of stories concerning privacy of information regarding Facebook. If you were 13 (therefore not allowed on Facebook) and heard about all this, would you be willingly signing up to it? It feels like Facebook may not be the go-to network for the next generation of consumers.

According to one report, Facebook has achieved full market penetration in the UK, meaning that it cannot grow further. If there's fatigue in the people who are already signed-up, and a wariness from those about to, could Facebook's imperial period be over?

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  • Jay J.
    Facebook is wank. I use it solely to annoy people I hate....Fakebook! :D
  • Alexis
    It's become over-commercialised. The likes of Cillit Bang or Tena Lady always harping on about 'liking them' starts to grate on people.
  • Kok W.
    Facebook is for wankers.
  • Mike O.
    Like it or not, thats how facebook works.

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