Dixons marketing FAIL, no longer the last place you want to go

22 December 2009

It seems the website elves at DSGi have been busy through the night - not making new shoes, but removing the strapline from their website that made no sense whatsoever without the context of their previous adverts. Yesterday:

Bitterwallet - Dixons - The last place you want to go

And today:

Bitterwallet - Dixons.co.uk without the strapline

Dixons.co.uk is most likely still the last place you want to go, but at least the site is no longer reinforcing your perception of how dreadful it'll be. It's also fair to say that DSGi management probably weren't sold on the idea of using a strapline without the original adverts, given how criticism from Twitter users and Bitterwallet has resulted in its removal.

A spokesperson for DSGi has told BusinessZone:

"Dixons.co.uk has a new tongue in cheek advertising campaign which ran in the south east aimed at drawing attention to the fact that Dixons is now an online pure play brand offering excellent value for money and no longer on the high street.

"As part of that campaign the ad was featured on the home page, but the ad was taken off yesterday and without it the strapline lost its context. The strapline has now been removed from the site."

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  • SmashingNicey
    just laughed my tits off. Thanks for making my day.
  • Bo
    I love how the word FAIL is used these days, its so cool man........
  • Pizza_D_Action
    The "The last place you want to go" bit was still there this morning when I checked the site.... so unless it was a cached image from a previous visit then I think they changed it this morning.
  • Nobby
    It still doesn't make me want to go.
  • dunfyboy
    What the fuck is a "pure play brand"? And their website still looks shit in Opera.
  • Ian
    Good link building campaign.
  • Sam
    website also looks shit in IE, Firefox, Safari and Chrome!!!
  • Rich P.
    Dix heads

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