Dell are champions of the computer packaging revolution!

You know how much we love our stories about outrageously excessive packaging, and we know the avid Bitterwallet readers love them too. In the past week, we've featured a couple of corkers courtesy of Dell. There was the instance of 65 screws arriving in 65 individual envelopes inside a very big box, followed by reader Tom's big box of nowt.

Dell were paying attention - and they've been in touch with exciting news!

Bitterwallet - Dell on Twitter

Good news! Dell started their plan to "revolutionize computer packaging" in 2008 and will conclude it by 2012!

Bitterwallet - Dell packaging

Dell the kids who set their alarm early and leave their homework until the morning before. Sprint to the finish line, eh lads?


  • Alexis
    Why are they talking as if they are attempting to split the atom?
  • Richard M.
    And they palmed you off with a link to some corporate responsibility fluff about saving the planet. Well done you.
  • Bazinga
    I wanted to buy a Dell Packaging to replace my Vostro.

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