Delete yourself with Facebook

12 September 2014

facebook mobile Facebook have been testing again!

The social media giant has been experimenting with a new thing that allows the users to create self deleting posts.

Oh hang on, sounds familiar. Snapchat anyone?

When upon posting some bon mot on the Facebook, one can now select an expiration date for it to delete itself, ranging from one hour to seven days.

It's currently happening as a pilot on the Facebook iOS app. And currently only in New Zealand.

It will be interesting to see if the younger set who favoured the ephemeral existence of a Snapchat missive, may be tempted back to join the old squares banging on about cats, babies, dogs and car parts.

This is quite interesting too, as Snapchat said no to a $3 billion offer from Facebook late last year.

It's not the start of some lol-fest where one can post something horrible for an hour and upset everyone and then it vanishes though, as even posts removed from the user's profile hang around the company's servers for three months.

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