Deathwatch: 750,000 bakeries to close

20 January 2012

That’s a lot of bakeries, and is sure to be damaging to the economy, although not waistlines of the nation. But wait, they’re not REAL bakeries – they’re the ones in the Baking Life Facebook game, which is being brought to an end by developers ZipZapPlay.

Fair enough, and as our grandparents probably used to say to us, all good online bakery games come to an end. But for those avid 750,000 players, all the in-game Zip Cash that they have acquired (bought with actual, real-life money) will disappear with the game itself, as they are not being offered the chance to transfer it to other games made by the same company.


All of which has got us wondering whether that’s fair or not. If you buy in-game currency, the game ends and you lose the lot, should you just grin and bear it? After all, it could be suggested that the money you’ve forked out was part of the privilege of playing the game.

Alternatively, if the game’s developer wants to look like they’re being the good guys, couldn’t they offer you back some of your in-game dosh to use in a different game? And what is money anyway? Is it even real?

Let us know if you’ve been stung when a game you’ve invested in has gone belly-up, or if you think the freshly-redundant bakers should stop crying into their cream horns and get over it.


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  • Kevin
    Considering the company itself hasn't gone out of busines you do wonder why they can't. After all everything 'bought' and 'worked' for is only bits of data. How hard would it be to keep as is or copy over?
  • Ger
    If you're mental enough to actually use real money to buy 'zip cash', then you deserve to lose every penny you have. I've got some magic beans available if the 750,000 mugs who lost their accounts want to give any more money away....
  • Boris
    @Ger I am interested in the magic beans. Do you accept tulips in payment? I have a stockpile with an estimated worth of £2.7 million.
  • Dick
    @Boris - ha! you only have three tulips? I have four.
  • Boris
    @Dick I have diversified - I have bought a big patch of "land" in the Thames after selling my other two bulbs. I expect the value to soar!
  • Richard
    Someone will always lose out though. Either the members of Baking life if they don't transfer the money to another game or the members of the other game if they do.
  • Dick
    @Boris, good idea. I've just bought the airspace above your "land".
  • Mark W.
    I want to have my cake and eat it. I have therefore uninstalled Facebook and I suggest anyone who is affected by this does the same. If they won't take the hint, I plan to uninstall Google too.

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