Deals ahoy as earlybird Twitter catches the worm

7 July 2010

Bitterwallet - Twitter's @earlybirdAfter four years of larking about and not making money, the past few months have seen Twitter try everything to turn some coin with their social media network. The latest wheeze? Deals. Twitter has created an account called @EarlyBird that launched yesterday, and already has 10,000 Twitter users following it.

Buoyed on by the success of other businesses that have utilised Twitter in delivering additional revenue, and realising they have the brand to market such a service, Twitter will begin "partnering with select advertisers and retweeting offers that they have crafted only for the Twitter community". Twitter will also be hoping that the viral nature of others fowarding on their offers will whip up plenty of interest.

According to their blog, Twitter will make money through its "relationships with advertisers", so the likes of pay-per-click or affiliate revenue, we imagine. The first deals will be US-centric although Twitter is promising there will be plenty of deals struck with global brands although, as the name implies, many of these will be time sensitive. Deals are also likely to be distributed via  Twitter Lists, meaning that the one account could create categories of offers to follow.

High volume, time-sensitive deals could work well for both the retailer and the consumer - look at the whirlwind of activity Groupola generated for the £99 iPhone 4 offer (even if that particular promotion went down like a cheap hooker in Hull). A rolling delivery of cheap deals would find an audience, but we'll wait and see whether such deals can be delivered on a regular basis. We reckon you'll be offered 10% off a six pack of Coke, in which case we'll be sticking to what we already know.

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  • Nick T.
    I've been to Hull and I wouldn't do anybody from there, paid or free.
  • kev
    might get alot of hukds ex-users who won't use the site after the downgrade
  • Grammar N.
    This is pretty awful really, given that the genuinely good deals sell out in no time once posted on HUKD, imagine how hard it will be to get a deal from this thing before it sells out when it's got millions of followers...
  • Nick
    Obviously been going to the wrong places then Nick T...
  • Paul
    "A rolling delivery of cheap deals would find an audience" You've missed an awesome pun opportunity there :-)
  • Nobby
    They don't have to be genuinely good deals, they only have to appear to be good deals. If even a bad deal is put before millions, then some suckers will take it.
  • Faire �.
    I guess Twitter will increase it number of customers with this new system.

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