Daily Mail claim iPhone 4 to be recalled. Because fake Steve Jobs said so

28 June 2010

Steve Jobs is on Twitter you know. Well, at least he is according to the Daily Mail. Yesterday, their website quoted Jobs’ Twitter account (@ceoSteveJobs) as having said that the troubled iPhone 4 would have to be recalled.


But if you take a closer look at the Twitter account, it clearly states that it is a PARODY account – it isn’t sexy Steve at all. But still, the Mail went ahead and ran the story (since removed from their site).


Oh dear. Daily Fail, as we believe the youngsters say. Gosh, they’ll be telling us that it’s the real Princess Diana tweeting from Heaven next...

[Media Blog]


  • The B.
    Yes, that fine upstanding bastion of British Media has made a booboo, unusual seeing as they're usually so careful about checking their sources, why, only the Daily Sport and World Weekly News have better editorial process than the Mail.
  • Nobby
    Of course it is not the real Diana in heaven. She is too busy in hell shagging dead soldiers.
  • THE D.
    money greed money greed that is what they are bothered about nothing else,added to the list of twat company's
  • Issac M.
    Ghoulish..... whomever owns that Dianna site must be a right cunt.
  • bigballs
  • Andrew R.
    Haha Isaac - it is the very writer of this article!
  • Joanne
    he may be a cunt but hes a very nice cunt
  • James D.
    Dawson, everyone's calling you a cunt. You should moderate them.
  • foxy f.
    the only cnutchops around here is the SUV driving cyclist James Dean.
  • Willhelm
    I couldnt possibly live without an Iphone :p Great article btw, thanks for it.
  • Nickolas A.
    It's a funny fact that despite iPhone 4 has problem with the antena, many people still want to buy it
  • iPhone c.
    Good post thanks for the info I'm going to link to this on my facebook page so my follower see this, I'll be back soon keep up the good work.
  • Swarovski p.
    Ha ha that's sooo funny!! How did they fall for that!!

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