Complaints after Vodafone is an eager beaver on Twitter

5 February 2010

What the devil has got into Vodafone this afternoon? They're one of the many companies using Twitter to provide personable customer service on the web, yet all they've done for the past hour is apologise profusely to individuals:

Bitterwallet - Vodafone apologise for Twitter outburst

What's all the hubbub about? It seems somebody might have updated the corporate Twitter account instead of their personal account. Or maybe they thought a little light humour was in order for a Friday afternoon:

Bitterwallet - Vodafone Twitter account goes gay-bashing

Expect a four-page special in the Guardian tomorrow.

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  • andy y.
    Is this the new slogan?
  • Adebisi
    I am outraged how can they use the apostrophe like that?!!
  • ElBuc
    And it is "fed up WITH". Ghastly!
  • Christopher
    Quote of the century. Whoever wrote it, should get promoted to PR specialist.
  • BRANCH *.
    You wouldnt catch T-mobile staff geting upto bestiality .. I shall take my custom elsewhere! Filth!
  • GadgetFreek
    Surely this isn't being taken seriously internally? Any media coverage is good coverage in the end - agree with Christopher give them a raise with the telling off and teach them how to Tweet properly in future. Epic
  • milky
    the daily mail must be outraged enough for a double spread today then?
  • andy y.
    Gadgetfreak I would venture to suggest that both "dirty homos" and "beaver" should always be "taken seriously internally"
  • blarb
    The dude who wrote it got fired that day, walked out of the office by security. Sure he wrote a homophobic comment, but beaver is a funny word...

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