COMPETITION - it's National Who Cares Day! Win a Samsung Galaxy Tab!

17 November 2010

Bitterwallet's National Who Cares Day - 200Ladies and gentlemen, and avid readers too - today is Bitterwallet's National Who Cares Day.

Today is the day you can put friends, family and colleagues in their place. It's the day you can shun all timewasters, and tell people straight: "Who cares?"

The likes of Twitter and Facebook are great for sharing news and information, but there's a lot of rubbish that really should stay in a person's head.

Today you cant people know how you feel, and respond to those pointless social media updates on Facebook and Twitter. Plenty of you already have:

Bitterwallet - Who Cares 1Bitterwallet - Who Cares Day 2

So today is the day to take action, and if you do, you could win a Samsung Galaxy Tab or one of two WiFi Kindles! There are three ways to win on Wednesday:

become a friend of Bitterwallet on Facebook and change your Facebook avatar to the National Who Cares Day logo (you can download different sizes here):

Bitterwallet - Who Cares Facebook followers

follow Bitterwallet on Twitter, change your Twitter avatar to the National Who Cares Day logo and tweet the following:

"Today is Bitterwallet's National Who Cares Day. Before you send a tweet, ask yourself: "Who cares?""

• between now and midnight tonight, when one of your Facebook friends posts a pointless status update, reply "Who cares?" and send a screenshot of your exchange to [email protected] - by midnight tonight at the latest

Every entry from each of the methods above will be put into a draw tomorrow morning. Three entries will be picked at random - the first entry will receive a Samsung Galaxy Tab. The next two entries picked at random will receive a Kindle WiFi.

Today is the day to take action, to remind ourselves that as beneficial as social media is, people should think before they type, so they don't waste their time - or ours. Be strong, citizen.

* The competition ends on Wednesday 17th November 2010 at midnight GMT
* Open to UK residents only
* One person per household may enter
* Only one entry per person for each of the three means of entry will be valid
* Bitterwallet cannot determine nor guarantee delivery time of prize, nor its compatibility or available features in any given country
* the exact model and specification of the prize will be determined at after the closing date
* Bitterwallet’s decision regarding the winner is final and no correspondence will be entered into

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  • The B.
    Shame it wasn't yesterday, that was "International Tolerance Day". Why is it that those who want you to be tolerant to all men (and women) are generally that whiny one's that make you intolerant in the first place?
  • JJ
    Ironic, it appears no one gives a shit about "Who Cares?" day.
  • Nobby
    Prince Willy got wind of this and had to rush his announcement out yesterday, just in case any one said "Who Cares".
  • kv
    let's see your governement letter authorising this as a National Day
  • Al
    Damn you Twitter and not letting me change my avatar - Oh wait - Who Cares?
  • Boris
    I care. I care too much. I care for you all and all that you care for. I spend hours doing nothing but care. Sometimes the care leaks out of my eyes as tears of distilled passionate empathy for all that happens. If you all cared as much as me then the world would be healed. But you don't. You're all just like my wife So fuck you all - you'll get what's coming to you.
  • Bitterwallet’s B.
    [...] Day was an opportunity for many of you to be an arse to friends, loved ones, the Royal Family and the President of the United States. Good work, [...]

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