Commercial Break: Winklevoss twins still completely nuts

14 September 2011

The best thing about the whole Facebook legal saga and the film The Social Network was the Winklevoss twins. A pair of stiff-shirted jocks, with supreme rowing abilities, enraged by their belief that their big idea was nicked by Little Jimmy Facebook or whatever the fuck his name is.

Here they are in a new advert for pistachio nuts, still consumed by envy and injustice and still making the whole think that they’re a pair of twats – the Chuckle Brothers of the Internet Age.

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  • Boris
    Sorry if it offends but it has to be said. What huge twats.
  • BitchBoy
    Those cunts deserve to have their ideas stolen. If they'd actually been able to realise "their" Facebook idea, it'll have been call Twatbook - and we'd all know where we stand.
  • Boris
    Quite right bitchy. I'd call the site "TwatFaceBook" though. I bet their mini messaging application would have been called "Twatter" too until it was stolen by somebody else. Boo-hoo. And the fuckers open the nut by "magic" anyway because they couldn't actaually think of an inventive way opening it for the advert. No original ideas. Well ... I'd strap the nut to their balls and smash it open with a hammer and chisel.

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