Commercial Break: One-to-one video tweeting from Old Spice Guy

14 July 2010

OS_Twitter_SLAMM_Isaiah_FNL3 Right, we’re going to man it up a notch before the day has barely begun. For the second day on the bounce we’re focussing on the genius Old Spice campaign from the US of America. Yesterday we showed you a new advert starring the Old Spice man of men but today we’re looking at his Twitter feed.

It seems that the Old Spice guy is replying to tweets addressed to him (well, mostly the ones from celebs) with personalised YouTube videos, while standing there in the bathroom with his shirt off (steady on girls).

Here he responds to a tweet from Alyssa Milano and a follow-up from Rose McGowan. The only conclusion we can draw from all of this is that America picked the wrong black man to be President.

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    All of the Old Spice ads are here

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