Coming soon, but not right now - that bloody Facebook phone

14 November 2008

3's new all-singing, all-dancing, all-social-meeja-networking, all cancer-curing mobile saviour of humanity was launched yesterday. Except it wasn't. Because anybody visiting the 3 website which had previously promised a launch date of yesterday, will instead see this:

So it launched yesterday, but it's coming soon. Either it's an ingenious marketing campaign involving time travel, or something has gone a little kaka (bonus BW points for anybody spotting the contextual reference there).

What you will find is some of the spec on the new iNQ1 ('those in the know know it's pronounced "ink one"' - no, we weren't either) which we heard about for the first time last week, and actually some of the more exciting features are nothing to do with Facebook.

The handset lets you receive Facebook alerts direct to your mobile and send status updates to your contacts; this is a genuine integration of the Facebook application, then - contacts will appear in the directory along with their status updates.

What's more exciting is the promise of a contacts list constantly updated with which platforms each of your contacts is available on - Skype, Facebook or Windows Messenger. Plus the handset can be used as a 'plug & play' modem with your laptop; we're presuming the bandwidth charges will be included in any pre-paid bundles, otherwise they wouldn't be shouting about the fact.

The INQ1 also has a iTunes/iPhone carousel to flick through websites and apps, plus the now-familiar auto-landscape feature which flips the view depending on the handset's orientation.

All in all, a reasonably fun proposition, a little late for the party, whenever it's actually available to buy. Let's hope that the handsets don't over-promise but under-deliver because of buggy hardware. Nokia N Series, anyone?

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