Coco Vita spies marketing opportunity in Japanese devastation

12 March 2011

Minutes ago, a nuclear power station suffered a massive explosion; radiation is leaking and there's a possibility the plant may go into meltdown. This is happening in a country where tens of thousands of people are thought to have died in the past day, where whole towns have been destroyed by earthquakes and tsunamis. For millions, their lives and their livelihoods have been ruined.

Fortunately for lovers of coconut water, the devastation in Japanese appears to have been just the opportunity that Coco Vita were waiting for; instead of selflessly donating money, or directing people to the appropriate channels for donations, Coco Vita saw an opportunity to build their following and influence on Twitter, a chance to bombard people with their advertising messages in the future:
Bitterwallet - Coco Vita
Coco Vita are keen that the sweet taste of human kindness is that of their all-natural, super-hydrating, fat-free, digestion-balancing, nutrient-packed, potassium-stacked, mega-electrolyte coconut water. Sadly, it's tainted by the nostril-curling odour of cynical, opportunistic failure, or dirty weasel piss. Stay classy.

EDIT: Amazingly, Microsoft later pulled off a similar stunt via their Bing Twitter account, leading to mass outrage, a backtrack and apology.

Bitterwallet - Bing Twitter Japanese earthquake

Thanks to avid Bitterwallet reader Caroline

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  • hippy
    whats a "RT" they are wanting?
  • Phil76
    Hopefully they get re-tweeted into bankruptcy
  • Chris
    RT means retweet. If I was to RT that message then it would appear to everybody who was following me. Its pretty much free advertising
  • StauntonLick
    This really pisses me off. The number of people who do this on twitter is exceeded only by the gullible fools who blindly retweet their message. It's even worse when they back down - one miserable sub-human yesterday (@shackett, should you wish to spout abuse at him) did exactly this. His pledge to donate $1 per retweet was spread to thousands of people over the internet - when he realised what he had got himself in for, he backtracked impressively and stated that it was only intended for the people on his follow list, limiting himself to a more pocket-friendly $200. If you are truly a humanitarian you should be happy silently donating that amount of money without shouting it in the face of everyone you meet. [/rant]
  • Groupon’s B.
    [...] Yet, in the wake of the Japanese earthquake at the weekend, two companies managed to do exactly that; both Coca Vita and Microsoft tried to build up their followings on Twitter by only offering to donate money if users forwarded on their messages. [...]
  • Robin
    Microsoft is worth billions of dollars and they are only willing to part with 100k? That's just cheap!
  • having t.
    never heard of coco vita - where can you find this delicious sounding beverage?
  • Donating B.
    [...] For earlier efforts of selfless self-promotion in the name of world disaster, see here. [...]

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