Classic movie titles for the global recession

15 May 2009

Twitter isn't just good for sharing your toilet habits with the planet, it's also quite funny. So when somebody suggested film title parodies that reflect the current economic strifes of the world, everyone joined in, including Radio 4's Mitch Benn:

@OnlineEarner: Fear and Loathing in Ilfracombe

@GHeather_UK: Single Jeopardy

@Duke_aardvark: Snow White and the Dwarf

@nejomo: Cubic Ziconias are Forever

@Hilltoptoby: Jaw

@rumleech: Where Pigeons Dare

@MitchBenn Sainsbury´s Basic Instinct

@RandHobart: American Werewolf in America

There are many, many more waiting to waste away your Friday afternoon at Twitter.

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  • nlambert
    how about a Clint eastwood classic ....A fist full of cents! another Clint Eastwood mega pic, A few cents more
  • Bradders
  • Mark M.
    How about Brewster's Hundreds?

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