Cineworld causing mild grief with allocated seating

Listen up everyone - the world is coming to an end. Cineworld is trialling allocated seating and the internet is going into meltdown.

It started off with someone called We Are Vultures (real name, Weven R. Vultures) sending a snotty tweet to Cineworld Cinemas, who then had the audacity to tell the truth.



This has been panic and outrage spreading across social media. So much so that someone's gone to the trouble of setting up a designated account about allocated seating at Cineworld. Seriously. You can see for yourself here.

The main gripe is that you can't just turn up to the cinema with your mates and watch a film. Presumably, you can, but that's not the point is it? Making images like this are the point.



This harks back to the riots that spread across Britain when people had to buy tickets for seated gigs and theatre productions years ago, when 30,000 people lost their lives after refusing to take it From The Man.

You can assume that Cineworld will charge more for premium seats, which of course, some cinemas have done for years. Again, that's not the point is it? The point is...

...well... we don't know. Maybe you can go to the Odeon or something instead? Or download films and watch them at home? What kind of lunatic goes to the cinema anyway?


  • Laurz
    I dont think you realise how annoying it actually is. I go to cineworld at sheffield and before I could turn up fairly early and get a decent seat in the middle or there abouts. Now when I decide to go the day before a showing I am only allowed to choose seats in shit locations right at the front or in a corner only to get there early sit down in an empty cinema and then wait till 1 second before the film starts (after the trailers) to see a rush of people all flooding into the better seats and arguing about whos sat in whos seats. Cineworld put a seat number on the armrests but dont tell you whether the number is the seat on the left of it or the right.
  • Amber R.
    I think it's a joke that they're doing this allocated seating. They're going to loose hundreds of customers and won't be able to fill the whole screen anyway. You can't just turn up with your friends anymore and this is the 3rd week in a row I've tried to go to the cinema and it's been fully booked. It's ridiculous in my opinion.
  • Howdareyoublockmycomments
    You make very little in the way of a point here. You don't seem to relate to the problem so why write about it?
  • Thisisausername
    "won't be able to fill the whole screen anyway" "3rd week in a row... fully booked" hrm...
  • Patrick
    Luckily I don't have to put up with excessively priced cinema seating, bright mobile phones glaring in my eyes and people talking/rustling plastic bags/throwing food throughout -- thanks to Pirate Bay!
  • dvdj10
    Crazy idea here but bare with me. Why don't you book online? Wow headfuck. Saying that it does sound a bit mental what they're doing. Odeon have allocated seating and that just works, not sure why Cineworlds doesn't?
  • Bogbrush
    Picturehouses have done this for years (but charge the same wherever you sit) with no problems, most probably because their clientele are cultured citizens who enjoy a glass of merlot with quality cinema, not grotty tattooed baboons shovelling nachos with "cheese" into their gullets to visual multiple orgasms of CGI explosions whilst some oranged faced slag gets fingered on the back row.
  • Kirsty
    I don't understand the outrage? I've been going to Vue for years who always do allocated seating. Book online and you don't have to get there stupidly early to get a decent seat. You can stroll in as the adverts are running. It's hardly a new system and they are probably the only ones who never used it. The paying extra for middle seats is a joke though. I hope whoever thought of that one is flogged.
  • Andy
    Aren't you all missing the point - they're charging extra to sit in the middle. Cinema tickets are expensive enough. Luckily this means the cinema is only ever half full anyway, so you can go ahead and book the 'worse' seats at the original price and then move to the better ones when the film starts... you know, like everyone has always done.
  • Darren H. Please join with us on facebook. Allicated seating is a mistake and I've cancelled my Unlimited Card
  • Mario
    They are not trialling allocated seating. This was implemented over night & according to cineoworld 'there are no plans to remove allocated seating'. They are trialling 'star seating' where you pay a couple of quid more to get the seats with a good view. Allocated seating is simply a ploy to get more money from the booking fees, when people go online to book. 'Star seating' is also a way for them to make more money on the already high prices. Hope you can understand the issue a little more now.
  • Bogbrush
    lol, you pleb
  • Kevin
    Kirsty you might not have anything to do in your life so you can plan everything miles ahead hut some people go on a whim so can't book ahead. And some people don't have a choice of cinemas where they live so going somewhere else isn't an answer. And they are not trialling allocated seating, it us now what they do (despite previously selling the fact they didn't do it as a major reason to go to Cineworld), the trial is the paying more more the central seats. I don't really have that much of a problem with he idea of allocated seating as long as they have staff making sure people are sitting where they are supposed to. But they don't do that. So you end up with lots of annoyed people having to move, refusing to move, trying to find alternatives when a group of noisy teenagers are arsing about, not being able to see when you have tall people/smelly people/people using their phones in front of you all through the film.
  • Jerec
    I accedently booked shit seats 3 rows from the front thinking the screen was at the other end, but then misses turns up there they sit in some empty good seats, so no bother!

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