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13 February 2015

death grim reaper dead You're going to die. Even if you have plans to store your head in a glass jar like Richard Nixon on Futurama, you're still going to shrug off your mortal coil and end up worm food, mainly because Futurama is fictional.

While that's not the cheeriest thing to tell you all on the morning of Friday 13th, there is some good news for users of Facebook.

When you perish, Facebook is letting users decide what they want to do while they approach St Peter at the Pearly Gates (insert another religious or non-religious thing here if Christian heaven sounds like a nightmare to you).

This new feature allows Facebook-havers to choose someone to be their digital heir, so when you pass away, someone can do one last post for you to let everyone know you're not alive anymore. That person can also delete your account for you too.

Your Facebook next-of-kin will be able to respond to friend requests, pin posts and update your profile picture, but they won't be able to delete photos and do a load of posts pretending to be you, doing updates from heaven. Which is a shame. There's no clue whether you'll be able to 'check in' to heaven or a grave either, which seems like an opportunity missed.

Before this, Facebook preferred to freeze a member's account when they found out someone had died. If you don't choose a digital heir, then Facebook will freeze your account like before and leaving everything as you left it, complete with privacy settings. Dramatically, this process is called 'memorialization'.

If you prefer, you can leave all your passwords to someone when you die, in your will or on a bit of paper or something, tied to your toe like when people die in cartoons.

Anyway - DEATH!

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