Choo Choo! Asda get on the groovy 'social networking' train

7 August 2009

Asda are getting down with the whole internet / social networking trends and launching a new site, Your Asda which they hope will become as popular as Facebook and Christianity (okay, so we made that last bit up.)

The supermarket (or ‘sperm-u-taker’ if you’re into anagrams) say the new site is part of their ongoing efforts to bring added transparency into everything they do and will give customers the chance to interact, share views and air grievances. They recently announced that customers will be able to vote on the products they'd like to see on the shelves.

A partner site for staff to use, ‘The Green Room,’ will also be launched as Asda try to make  flogging everything from nappies to cream horns more of a democracy. Will you sign up to the groovy new site? Or do you think that social networking is solely the preserve of the mad and the bed-ridden? Will the fad that is the Internet even last beyond the end of the autumn? Your thoughts and feelings please. Now.

[Retail Week]


  • zeddy
    Anagrams is it Andy? Yawn nod sad
  • Nobby
    Oh, anagrams ... Asda's The Green Room = Gonorrhea date mess = Someones hard, great!
  • Tom
    Here is an idea. How about making some real friends instead of sitting in front a computer 24/7 trying to convince yourself that your popular. i dont know a single person who uses sociak networking sites. We go out and be social and network. social networks are for spotty, fat, ugly computer geeks with no friends and no real life
  • Scott
    That'll be "More than 250 million" spotty, fat, ugly computer geeks with no friends and no real life on facebook alone then?? (

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